The Story Behind the Fitzroy Matt Sunglasses

You have the haircut. You have the clothes. You have the Silver Olive Campus Watch on your wrist, and the Darius Black Leather Wallet in your back pocket. You most importantly have the well-groomed BEARD. There’s just something missing that’s keeping you from achieving the complete Urban Beardsman signature “look.” The answer is in the shades. Sunglasses not only provide protection to your precious eyeballs on those sunny days, but they can also make you look pretty damn cool.

Speaking of cool, these Fitzroy sunglasses with olive green lenses by Kapten & Son should be at the top of your list. Kapten & Son is a company built around the modern day adventurer. Their products are designed to be light, durable, and easy to carry while you are traversing all corners of the world.

The German based company was founded in 2014, and since then expanded rapidly with a focus on contemporary style accessories. Kapten & Son began their venture by manufacturing wrist watches. With the combination of elegant Swedish design backed by German engineering, the Kapten & Son watches have not only proved to be extremely durable, but also classy in appearance. People quickly started to notice.

The name “Kapten” is the Swedish word for captain and represents the vision of the company. On the company website, they end their short bio with the statement, “Our watches and sunglasses stand for a whole generation. A generation that embarks on its own adventures and is always seeking new discoveries – this is exactly what we value.” The drive for adventure is exactly what made the company so appealing to their customers.

A blog entry on Watch Bandit read “No matter how times change, the image of the ship captain remains eternally the same. The spirit of the sea and the timelessness of the captains that pilot ships across it is perfectly captured in Kapten & Son Watches, a brand made for modern men and women yet still rooted in classic designs.” This classic, yet contemporary style stuck around when the company decided to expand the business to sunglasses.

It was not long before the company was selling to countries throughout Europe. Since its expansion, Kapten & Son has been working to tap into the international market place.  This is when the connection was made. Our highly recognized, British based team Beardbrand member Carlos Costa introduced the sunglasses to Urban Beardsman.

When we obtained our first pair, we were instantly sold on the detailed wooden box the glasses were shipped in. However, what was inside the box is what took the cake. Made in Italy, these glasses immediately stood out from the rest. The sleek design and firm fit made for an all around quality product that we could vouch for time and time again. Not only do these stylish shades look and feel good on your face, they also provide a UV400 filter to protect you from the ultraviolet rays.

This particular model, the Fitzroy Frame Matt Tortoise with olive green lenses is the perfect hybrid of clean and rugged. Furthermore, the olive green lenses are reinforced lightweight plastic, which is designed to make them easier to store and carry. Colors are bright and vivid. Whether you’re at sea, walking the streets of the urban jungle, or venturing across the vast desert plains, these glasses are up for the challenge. So you can toss those cheap gas station glasses in the underwear drawer, you’re going to be adventuring in style.

From our friends over at Kapten & Son, “To every adventurer, trailblazer and globetrotter! Welcome to the world of Kapten & Son. We create statement pieces with character – for every character. For all those who wander from mountains to valleys, from cities to beaches, from north to south and from east to west. Our products are the perfect travel companions to have by your side, giving you the feeling of being at home all over the world.”

I hope I was able to cast a little light on the value of this staple accessory. For any and all Urban Beardsman out there in the market for a new pair of stellar shades, look no further.


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