How To Break Bad Habits | Carlos Costa

Habits… Some are good others are, not so good. Whatever the case may be, habits can easily begin to consume your life right out from under your feet. Everyone has their habits. Many people refuse to admit to them. Routine is simply human nature, and when we find ourselves doing something in repetition, we tend to conform to the comfort of whatever that thing is. Many of us discover at some point that we are not happy with the outcome of these habits, and decide it’s time to make a change. This is when the going gets tough.

This video was filmed because we wanted to show support for our followers. For anyone that might feel trapped under their bad habits to know, there is in fact a way out.

So who better to share personal experiences with our audience than our very own Carlos Costa. Many of you have read his bio and have knowledge of his rise to success. As stated in the Urban Beardsman blog, “As years went by, the addiction morphed and grew, and by his 20’s he found himself in the grips of drugs like heroin and crack cocaine. His life spiraled downward until he found himself homeless and living on the streets of London. And while this might be enough to break those with a weaker will, Costa fought through and soon decided it was time for a change.”

And change is exactly what he did. I’m not here to reiterate his success story. Rather, I would simply like to draw up an outline of his advice on HOW he broke the chains of his addiction, and became the man he is today.


  • Want it: This is simple. If you want to free yourself from a habit, you have the power to do it.
  • Make a list of reasons: Why do you want it? What are the positive aspects of ridding yourself of the habit? Don’t make a mental note. Actually write down these reasons, and place them somewhere you’ll see them every single day. Some people call this a “vision board.” The more you see it, the more you will want it.
  • Make the choice: This is your commitment to yourself. Thinking and pondering of life without bad habits is easy. Committing to break them is not.
  • Take action: The hardest of all. You have made the choice, now it’s time to take action and begin the process. As Carlos said, this typically involves seeking help and guidance. Talk to someone who can steer you in the right direction. Involve yourself with people that support your journey.
  • It’s OK to fail. Just try again: If it was an easy task, there wouldn’t be bad habits in the first place. It takes willpower and persistence to achieve your goal. Many fail. The ones who succeed are the people who aren’t afraid to get right back in the saddle and try again. Whether you achieve your goal on the first attempt or the tenth, you will get where you want to be.

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