Our Top 5 Picks of American BBQ Joints

Nothing says "manly" like throwing a thick slab of meat atop a scorching hot barbecue to season and serve for family and friends. In honor of all things manly, and in memory of recent summer months full of backyard barbecues and outdoor potlucks, we have gathered up our top five favorite places to savor delicious barbecue eats across America because we just can't let it go.

For award-winning BBQ sauce: Jack’s Bar-B-Que - Nashville, Tennessee

Jack's bbq image

Opening its very first location in 1989, Jack’s Bar-B-Que in Nashville, Tennessee has since become the number one stop for music lovers, tourists and Nashville locals alike to tie on the feedbag and enjoy some exquisite barbecue. Known as the “Barbecue King of Nashville,” Jack’s has garnered even more popularity for their award-winning BBQ sauces, that taste incredible on, well, pretty much anything.

For Ribs: Smoque BBQ - Chicago, Illinois

Smoque bbq image

If you are looking to slather up and wolf down a full racks of ribs, than the St. Louis slab at Smoque BBQ is the spot for you. Taking great pride on their ability to match the “right cut of meat with the right rub, wood smoke, sauce, and cooking technique,” Smoque truly spends quality time preparing, curing and serving each piece of meat, letting no one leave unsatisfied.

For Burnt Ends: The Shaved Duck - St. Louis, Missouri

The shaved duck bbq image

Voted number one for it’s Kansas City-style burnt ends plates in 2015, The Shaved Duck is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned barbecue eater. This barbecue joint also complements their delicious dishes with a stellar beer selection. Pair their savory beers with their “heavenly” burnt ends, caramelized mashed potatoes or pulled pork sandwich and you’ll soon be basking in true barbecue paradise.

For Pulled Pork: B.T.’s Smokehouse - Sturbridge, Massachusetts

B.T.s smokehouse bbq image

Barbecue technique is typically taught and then practiced religiously. For Brian Treitman good barbecue takes a little sweet, a little spice and a whole lot of patience. Treitman brings this barbecuing mentality and Southern-style barbecue practice to his legendary Sturbridge, Massachusetts joint, B.T. Smokehouse. Searching for a pork mecca? Stuff your face full of B.T.'s pulled pork and experience true meat-filled bliss.

For Smoked Brisket: Killen’s BBQ - Pearland, Texas

Killen's bbq image

When picturing mouthwatering barbecue it’s only natural that one’s mind drifts to the South. If you are looking for the best brisket money can buy, Killen’s BBQ in Pearland, Texas is a must-visit eatery. One customer’s review even reassured us to “not be deterred by the line out the door, it is worth the wait. They serve free beer while waiting.” What could be better than free beer and life-changing brisket? Exactly. Road trip to Texas anyone?


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