The Copper Fiddle Foundry EDC Top

This copper top, although small, is nothing short of mighty. In fact, my first time scrolling through the Urban Beardsman website I chuckled when I came across it. One does not typically surf the web in search for a high performing, top notch, premium quality top. However, the Copper Fiddle Foundry EDC Top is the perfect accessory for all the Beardsmen that spend any significant amount of time at a desk.

Sure we are all explorers, adventure seekers, world travelers etc. However, there comes a time for us to settle down in front of our desk and get to work. Although that isn’t always a positive thought to have, I can tell you from first-hand experience the Fiddle Foundry Top will make the time spent on the grind a bit more bearable. This solid piece of perfectly balanced and fine tuned artistry is undisputedly unique.

Hand crafted in Western Massachusetts, the Copper Fiddle Foundry Pocket Top was originally designed for mere self enjoyment, says company founder and creator Steven Robbins. He goes on to say, “In the months that followed I began taking orders from collectors and the “Every Day Carry” community under the name Steven Robbins Fine Pocket Tops. Each SRfPT pocket top is unique and individually crafted on a manual lathe. They are designed to blend aesthetics and durability with maximum spinning time. With practice, most tops will spin 9-11 minutes on a concave glass surface and will provide years of enjoyment.”

The fine details in the high-quality tellurium copper speak for themselves. When holding the top in your hand, the weight is not over bearing, but demands its presence be known. In fact, when your not hypnotized by the ever spinning top, you can use the solid copper accessory for a stylish paper weight. It is easy to believe that this pocket top straddles the line of durable and indestructible. The ceramic tip on the bottom of the top is discrete, measuring just short of two millimeters. At its largest point, the top reaches one inch in diameter.

Now, on to my favorite part of the article. I get to brag about the performance of this Urban Beardsman accessory. I had a staring contest with the top the first time I spun it, and I lost. If the Fiddle Foundry Top was an Olympic athlete, it would win gold in the long-distance race. Now, as you can see in the product description, the top can spin on average ten minutes or longer when spinning on a glass surface. This may not seem like an excessive amount of time, but when compared to the performance of similar products, it’s a lifetime.

The Copper Fiddle Foundry EDC Top is so well balanced, there is little to no jerky movements when it’s in motion. With just the slightest twist of the fingers, the top rotates at an alarmingly quick rate. So fast, it appears to not be spinning at all.  The dense copper cuts through the air so effortlessly that it produces close to no noise. It gives off the illusion that the top is levitating on the table. If you don’t believe me yet, let me prove it to you. Since I started writing this article, I have only spun the top twice.

If you or someone you know finds the value in intricate craftsmanship and precision engineering, then the Copper Fiddle Foundry EDC Top should not be overlooked. Not only is this top aesthetically appealing, but also impressively entertaining.


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