The Ultimate Mustache Styling Guide

A lot goes into making a beard look great. Taming a mustache, however, is a different story. Fortunately, these three tips will have you well on your way to mustache glory.

Invest In Some Wax

It's worth it! Unless you're going for the natural 'stache or the wildman look, you're going to need some Mustache Wax to keep things neat and tidy. Applying a bit to your mustache and styling out of the way of your mouth is going to go a long way towards making eating and drinking easier and more enjoyable.

That being said, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the fun of using mustache wax and overdo it. If you end up putting in too much wax or try for a far too complicated style, overdoing it only makes your beard and mustache style more difficult and tedious.

Remember, the real goal of using mustache wax is to give your 'stache some style and help you avoid getting a mouthful of hair when eating. So use that wax sparingly and intelligently.



Don't Be Afraid To Blow It

If your mustache is uncooperative and you feel like you need to give it some extra elbow grease to style it the way you want to, or if you want to go for a more extreme handlebar look, don't be afraid to break out some tools. You’ll need a hairdryer and a Round Brush.

Once you apply the wax and turn up the heat - the hot air from the blow dryer heats up the wax and makes it more manageable and malleable, so you can blow the air the way you want your mustache to hold. Then drop the heat setting to "Cool" to lock the wax - and style - into place.

Train It

Maybe you want your mustache to lay in a stylish fashion before you even throw in the wax. There's a simple way to make that happen - you've got to train that bad boy to curl. To teach your mustache how to lay in a natural curl, you need your fingers and some patience.

Using your thumb and index finger, use a sweeping motion to curl the corners up. Repeat this routine for several repetitions and give this regimen a go twice a day or so. Through repetition, you’ll be able to train your mustache to naturally keep the curled-corner shape. Once the ‘stache curls into a shape you like, you can use mustache wax for a natural-looking hold, or a high-hold product like a hairspray, to firmly keep it in place.

Don't Forget The Oil

Beard Oil is one of the most versatile grooming tools in your arsenal. While most people think of it as a great step to keep the bulky parts of your beard soft and tamed, the mustache shouldn't be excluded. Adding a few drops of oil to your mustache will help keep the sometimes-wiry hairs and flyaways under control, and will work to keep your hair conditioned, soft, hydrated and healthy.

Cut It Out

An epic mustache is always badass, but if you don't want a massive handlebar style or long natural 'stache, you can always trim the mustache down for a refined mustache style. We recommend grabbing a good pair of Beard Trimming Scissor and following the curve and shape of your upper lip as you trim away the excess hairs. Pay special attention to the corners - where the middle section of your mustache tends to reach terminal length relatively quickly, the corners can grow quite a bit longer. And if you want to keep it tight, uniform, and out of your mouth; be sure you're trimming around the corners to crop the longer hairs.

And with that, gentlemen, you're ready to style that 'stache. So, get your necessary tools and show the world what being a beardsman is all about. 


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