UNTUCKit Shirts

Over the years, men have gravitated toward wearing button down shirts untucked. Untucking can shift your look from thoughtfully tidy to thoughtfully casual. But most dress shirts are made to be tucked in, which means they are often too long to wear untucked without looking frumpy and unkempt.

I almost never tuck in a shirt anymore and was intrigued to learn more about UNTUCKit.

Founder Chris Riccobono, a resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, was a business major with no fashion experience but had 40 shirts in his closet that he didn’t feel he could wear untucked because they were all too long. So he decided to design his own. He has been quoted saying “I don’t like being in a suit, I don’t like being shaved, I don’t like uptightness.”

When starting UNTUCKit, Riccobono conducted extensive surveys with those that had an interest in how men look: Women. They questioned women ranging from their early 20’s to mid 40’s to find the optimal length of shirt by showing them 10 pictures of models wearing untucked shirts falling at different lengths.

The ladies showed an overwhelming preference for shirts that fell in the middle of the zipper that exposed some of the pants pockets, which is what they’ve coined as the ‘zone of acceptable length.’

There are three things that make an UNTUCKit shirt different than most. The hem line is countered and designed to fall halfway between the belt and the bottom zipper. Because the shirt falls to an ideal length, it allows comfortable access to the pockets and accents the pants. They offer both regular and slim fit shirts to offer the best possible fit.


UNTUCKit prides itself on making a shirt that can be worn to casual gatherings or more formal events. The key to pulling off the untucked look for a more formal gathering is to pair their shirt with a fitted sports coat and a dark pair of jeans but to make sure the shirt lines up with the bottom of the coat but doesn’t hang below it.

UNTUCKit’s button down page has about hundreds of different shirts to choose from. Classics include oxfords, poplins, and end on end fabrics. Lightweight and year-round plaids, gingham, checks, stripes, and chambray, non-iron. They have button-down and regular collars.


Knock yourself out with UNTUCKit shirts. Price range is $68-$99. Shipping is free and so are returns and exchanges. Their optimal length extends to their polos, tees, sweaters, and jackets as well. Check out their women’s too.



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