Five Tips For First-Time Mustache Wax Users

When it comes to growing out one’s facial hair, there are are certain milestones you hit that signal you’ve entered a new level of beardsmanship. For instance, when one’s beard reaches the length where they can then hide things in it, that can be quite entertaining. Similarly, the day when you suddenly realize you can’t remember how long it’s been since the last time you were completely shaven can be a point of pride for many. However, no facial hair milestone quite matches the weight of the day when one needs to finally start using mustache wax.

Although mustache wax does possess some aesthetic qualities, the main purpose of it is to help direct your mustache hair away from your mouth. You might be thinking, “why would I need to do that?”, however, if that’s the case then you’ve never experienced the sensation of combatting your mustache hair while trying to enjoy a sandwich or an ice cream cone. Every beardsman has a different take on how to apply mustache wax, but if you happen to be approaching the facial hair length where you might need it for the first time, let us give you some tips.

Take The Time That’s Needed To Apply It Correctly

We know what you’re thinking, “well, let’s add that to the list of things I have to do before work now.” However, when it comes to applying mustache wax, a little extra time really does go a long way. If you can take a few extra moments each morning to apply some wax after applying whichever other beard care products you use, it can make a major difference as you carry out your day. Remember, mustache wax is mostly used for practicality rather than for the look it provides. By taking a few moments to correctly maneuver your mustache hair away from the corners of your mouth, eating will become a significantly more pleasurable experience now that you won’t have to worry about biting down on your facial hair with every bite you take.

Keep Your Style Simple

One of the first things every beardsman does when trying out mustache wax is go crazy with the style of their own whiskers. This can be a fun thing to do in the privacy of your own bathroom, but if there’s one bit of advice we can offer when it comes to mustache styling, let it be this: keep your style as simple as possible. Believe it or not, you aren’t Salvador Dali and the more you can go in the opposite direction of this famously mustachioed maven, probably the better. Use enough wax to ensure your mustache is directed out of harm’s way while still looking as natural as possible, that’s the sweet spot you want to aim for.

 Try Not To Overdo It

When using mustache wax for the first time, it can be very easy to go way overboard with the amount you apply. One moment your mustache is rustling free and easy and the next it feels like it just received the icey treatment from The Governator’s Mr. Freeze. What you don’t want is for your mustache to feel crunchy in any shape, way or form. Remember, your mustache isn’t the front of your head hair from junior high when you thought applying enough hair gel to make it look like a tidal wave was super cool. A little wax goes a long way and learning the proper amount to use for optimal results is half the learning process once you start.

Remember, The Results Should Be Practical

Repeat after us, mustache wax is a tool, not a toy. One should use the wax to sculpt their mustache into a style that helps remove the likelihood of chomping down on it mid-slice of pizza or to protect the mustache from getting soaked every time he has a beer or cocktail. What mustache wax isn’t is an excuse to pretend it’s Halloween each and every day. When you first start using mustache wax, you’ll have all sorts of crazy ideas of how to use it, but once you get those visions of delusional mustache glory out of the way, you’ll see the real benefit of mustache wax as a whole.

Have Fun With It

Okay okay, we know we were trying to be all professional there for a minute, but let’s be real, mustache wax can be fun. We might not suggest you parade around the world outside your house or apartment with any crazy mustache styles, but especially once you’ve just purchased the wax, it can be fun to experiment with some different looks in the bathroom mirror. Although you might be tempted at various points to take these new stylings out on the town, we highly suggest asking for input from friends or loved one’s whose opinions have merit in your mind. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye from the sharpness of your whiskers (the chances of this are low, but we promise, you don’t want to be the subject of that story).


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