Mike Lewis

Who I Am.

I am Mike Lewis, man of many talents, many jokes, and many loose beard hairs. I am 26, but my body feels older (haha). I am a very easy going guy, that’s all about relaxing and enjoying life.

What I Do.

It’s more like, what do I not do, besides trying to be an astronaut. My bread and butter is graphic design & illustration, it’s what I have been doing for the last six years. In my off time I do production on clothing, graphics for my brand FCX:2029 (along with other brands), I film and edit skate videos, as well as skate, take photos, eat tasty food, get tattoos and chill with a good comic or design book.





Where I Live.

I am originally from north New Jersey, it was an hour train ride to NYC and two hour drive to Philly so it was a cool place to live, but it wasn’t the place for me. I lived in Philadelphia, which was a great experience, and a place I still love till this day. As of currently, I am living in Chicago because someone special brought me here, and it has been very enjoyable to say the least.


Why I Beard.

There are many reasons I have a beard, but it all started from one of my favorite pro skaters from my younger years, Mike V. He had a goatee, which I thought was dope, so I grew one. I wore that thing for many years, but after a while, I just stop shaving because of the dreaded neck craters from shaving. I decided to grow my beard out after that point, just cleaning it up here and there. Fast forward to this point in my life, I beard because it is who I am, my beard and I have an agreement, it looks great with a shaved head, and because I am not sure what’s under there anymore. It’s been about four or five years since I last fully shaved my beard, and most people don’t know what I look like without it, and it’s gonna stay that way. (haha)

To connect with Mike, check out his Instagram page and his website, and be sure to learn more about his brand FCX:2029 on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.



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