Noordung Electric Bicycle

Urban Beardsman, let me introduce you to the Urban Electric Bicycle: The Noordung.

Noordung is an electric bicycle that is still in startup phases but shows remarkable promise. Although many of the details of the bicycle are cloaked in mystery it is set to release this July, which is almost the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle.

Built on a classic cruiser frame, the heart of the Nordung is it’s Powerbox that fits over the bike’s crossbar. The Powerbox drives the electric motor and plays music from your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. So just to clarify, there is a box that powers the bike, plays music, and charges your phone all at the same time.

Wonders never cease.

Slovenian George Fras, the CEO and founder of Noordung says “Basically the idea of Noordung can be described as Tesla meets Dr. Dre. We want to produce the lightest electric bike for city driving in the world.” Fras also draws inspiration from Herman Potočnik-Noordung, a Slovene rocket engineer and pioneer of aerospace aeronautics.


Fras set out to create an electric bike that increases safety and enjoyment for the commuter and the leisure rider alike. Lots of  people like to bike with earbuds in, but in reality it reduces our perception of our environment and the ability to ride safely.

At this point the range of the Noordung is about 12.5 miles with electric drive assistance, 25 phone charges, 10 computer charges, and 100 hours of music through both USB and Bluetooth. Your bike as a power station? You bet.



The styling got my attention immediately. The matte black frame with silver Powerbox offsets the brown leather grips and Brooks saddle (the quintessential piece of British bicycle distinction). The tires are a thick slick that are perfect for a commuter bike.

Noordung is future stuff. I want one. If you like bikes and music (which is like asking if you like pizza and puppies) you want one too. Keep an eye on their website and look for it to be released this July.



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