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Victorio Piva Q & A

Who am I

To this day I’m not entirely sure who I am, and don’t know if I will ever truly know, but i go by Victorio Piva. Simply put, I’m a dad, a husband and an adrenaline junkie.

What I Do

What DON’T I do? I’m a Rancher, cement truck driver, bartender, server, wild-land fire fighter, ski hill lift operator, DJ, licensed security agent, logger, psycho social rehabilitation specialist, gold miner, and that’s just a few.

Like many I earned a degree but quickly realized after working in the Psychology field that it wasn’t my passion. My degree has helped me understand both sides to every situation and in a lot of ways has helped me be a more patient and understanding dad. My true job is being the best role model I can for my kids. I work daily to make sure the decisions I make impact their lives in a positive way. My amazing wife and children are my full time commitment. My beard has exposed me to exciting opportunities locally as a brand ambassador and as a beard model, but very quickly bigger opportunities are falling in my lap.

Where I Live

Idaho born and raised. I grew up in a very small town on a family run cattle ranch. School brought me to Boise, where I quickly fell in love with the faster paced lifestyle the city has to offer. I lived in southern California for a while, and though I loved it, Idaho is my true home. The beauty and appeal to Boise is being able to get the city lifestyle, and yet still have access to snowboarding, mountain canyons, and whitewater kayaking all within an hours drive of one another. It’s is an amazing place to call home, and one of the few big cities with a small town feel.

Why I Beard

When I was young, my Dad, who has had a mustache my entire life, told me that his Grandpa told him, “You aren’t truly a man until you have a mustache.” So from the time I could grow any sort of facial hair I did, and I have been experimenting with different styles ever since. As soon as I was able to grow a full beard I would always grow a beard for winter, I loved how it kept my face protected from the elements while snowboarding or snowmobiling. Every spring, for some reason I felt the need to shave it and soon after I would suffer from shave remorse! So a few years back i just made the decision that I was committing a yeard, and I haven’t looked back since.

I love self expression and I feel like my beard is truly an exclamation point on my self expression. I love it, my kids love it, and sometimes even complete strangers love it too! I beard because a well groomed full beard has the ability to speak loudly without saying anything. I love how my beard makes me feel and I have no plans to shave it any time soon. Beard on!

Connect with Victorio on Instagram: @Victorios_secret



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