What To Do When You’re Tempted To Cut Off Your Beard

Every man has his limits. Whether it’s in sports or how much bullshit he’s willing to put up with, each and every one of us hits a point where they simply can’t push through, where something must be done. There are times when it’s best to give in and stop, most commonly when continuing on could put you in danger, but other times you must gather the strength to see the given task through. When it comes to the temptation to shave your beard, this is one of those times.

Every man enjoys having a beard. If you can grow facial hair, there is a level of satisfaction with having the option to go completely shaven or let your genetics do as they please. However, we each hit a point when we’re tempted to rid ourselves of your beards and start a new (or maybe when a loved one requests to see our actual face again). Of course, there are situations where it might be in your best interest to remove your beard, although we can’t think of any at the moment, but what we CAN think of is how to handle the urge to shave off your beard when you’re simply looking for a change. Let’s talk this through.

Pause & Take A Second To Think

So you’re trimming your beard and you accidentally shave off part of it that you weren’t intending to. Much like when Ferris Bueller realized how many miles had been put on his beloved best friend’s dad’s California Spider, this is when Cameron freaks. However, you’re a beardsman, not a a Cameron, and the first thing to remember is to put the razor down and take a step back. You’ve just made a tiny mistake, but nothing serious has occurred. Take a breath, walk away for a minute, and calm yourself. Then do what beardsman do best: make a plan.

If You’ve Errored, Try To Fix It

Whether you’re a seasoned beardsman or a first timer, each of us is prone to making mistakes when grooming one’s facial hair. You might end up cutting your neckline too high up on your jaw or you might accidentally nick a sideburn or you’ll end up taking a chunk out of your mustache. Do each of these suck? Of course they do, to differing degrees. However, before you immediately respond by completely shaving your beard off, try to fix the mistake first. Sometimes all it takes is making the mistake symmetrical and sometimes the mistake is so minute that the only person who will notice it is you. Remember, problems can be solved and patience is a virtue.

Change Something Else About Yourself

Much like a played out haircut, sometimes we simply want to shave our beards because we’re itching to make some kind of change. One easy way to do that: unleashing our completely shaved face upon the world. Maybe though, there’s another way. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes or get a new haircut or try assembling a new go-to outfit with clothes you’ve never previously assembled together. We each like to keep our styles fresh, but that doesn’t mean you need to take drastic measures that could take weeks or months to fix. Before taking the plunge into complete shavedness, consider some other options. It’s at this point that we suggest keeping in mind how much you enjoy having a beard. Maybe you should sleep on it before deciding to shave off one of your favorite and most prideful attributes. Just a thought.

Minimize Rather Then Remove Completely

So you’ve officially decided that you want to change your facial hair. Well, before you take your skin-level electric razor straight to your man mane, maybe consider adjusting the length of your beard instead of completely debearding. Especially for those beardsmen with long, full beards, there are a ton of other options in terms of looks and styles that you can try out before opting to go completely shaven. For instance, the short beard, the corporate beard, stubble, the van dyke, and chops are just a few examples. Have fun with it and enjoy what you have at your disposal. You’re a rare breed and we strongly encourage you to savor your bearded gifts.

Remember, It’ll Grow Back

One minute, you’re bearded and the next, you look 17. You took a deep breath, walked away from the sink, considered your options, and at the end of it all, you still decided it was time to shave off your beard. Five minutes later, you start panicking about what has just occurred. You start stroking your face thinking that will help sprout a new layer of facial hair, but it’s no luck, your fate has been sealed. Do not fear, now-former beardsman, for your beloved beard will return. That’s the best thing about a beard: unlike the hair on top of our heads, for some at least, our beard is guaranteed to grow back after a few weeks. You might’ve lost your beloved chin and cheek companion for the time being, but before you know it, you’ll have a fine layer of scruff on your face, followed by a short beard, and so on. This is one rash decision that at least has a silver lining gents and if this has just happened to you, we look forward to welcoming you back in just a matter of days or weeks.

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