Paul Watmough

Who I Am.

Hi, I am Paul, Bob, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bob, notfrombrooklyn, mate, dude, fella and sometimes a few other names depending who I am talking to.

What I Do.

I am a digital brand builder / creative cultivator, one of the founding members of the design collective STRIVE and also have been designing under the name notfrombrooklyn for some years now. I work together with some awesome dudes doing the stuff we love, we feel very privileged to be in this position working with independents and also big well known names in the industry.

My original education is from a fine art and design background. I was involved heavily in the skateboard scene back then and this was when I first became interested in brands and learned how powerful a sense of belonging can be and the responsibility a brand has to tell the right stories, it should be authentic and truthful in its message. I got this and understood how it was being done, when it was done right! This was what I knew I wanted to do with my future career.

Years on now and I love storytelling, brand building, creating digital CI, developing products, UI, UX, Apps, prototyping, innovation and crafting great design through strategic thinking. I also still love to get my hands dirty by drawing and painting when I can.

I have been incredibly lucky to work with some great brands, clients and people over the years doing things I once only dreamt about.

Where I Live.

My current dwelling is Hamburg, Germany. Although I am British and moved here a few years back, my work though takes me all over – I work in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and popped over to LA for a little stint.

Why I Beard.

Theres the big question! Well, it’s there! I can and I shall. I would also look f’in stoopid without it, its been there so long it’s now as much apart of my face as my eyebrows are. Couple of pointers to be aware of though if you plan to ‘Beard’, be prepared to be man stared by lesser bearded individuals, be either ok or defend yourself from beard intrusion from the public. I have been fingered without permission on quite a few occasions. Oh and you will start to look at coconut oil in a whole other way! Peace.

To connect with Paul and see more of his work, visit and find him on Instagram and Twitter.



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