Do you need Beard Oil? No. But, will your beard grow to its full potential without it? Not likely.

Your skin produces oil known as sebum. Your beard needs it to remain healthy, hydrated, and soft.

Showering and washing strip your skin of that oil, and if not replenished can leave your beard feeling dryer than a Texas summer.

Not all Beard Oils are created equally. Beardbrand’s unique blend of Abyssinian Oil, Babassu Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Castor Oil creates a Beard Oil like nothing else on the market. It’s fast-absorbing and non-greasy, resulting in all-day softness.

One more thing, Beardbrand Beard Oil is formulated with no known DHT-inhibiting ingredients.

What’s DHT? Oh, it’s just a simple byproduct of testosterone that makes your beard grow! Yeah, it’s a big deal and some common Beard Oil ingredients can potentially block your body’s natural DHT from getting to your follicles.

Help your beard look and feel its best—because when your beard looks awesome, it gives you the confidence to Keep on Growing.


Shake 3–5 drops into your hand and work the oil into your skin and beard.

Use a Beard Comb and/or Boar's Hair Brush to evenly distribute the oil. For longer beards use 7–10 drops.

Want the full scoop? Our founder, Eric Bandholz, teaches you everything you need to know about beard oil and how to apply it.

P.S. Need more beard, hair, & style advice? Check out our two YouTube channels: 1) Beardbrand Alliance and 2) Beardbrand. We've got your back.


Serving over 100k customers, and with over 5k five star reviews on our beard oil, we're confident you're going to love our product.

Check out what customers are saying:

John A says:


"I put this on in the morning and I feel like David Carradine in Kung Fu, chill AF. If I put this on before going out 60% of the time it works every time. Very relaxing smell, not over powering."

Riley L. says:


"Its like butta..Great scent, but not overpowering, and leaves my beard silky smooth. I have used many beard oils and Beardbrand outclasses them all. Thanks!"

John G. says:


"Old Money steals the show, but Four Vices and Temple Smoke are Quickly becoming some of my favorite scents. There’s a reason Beardbrand is the gold standard for beard products...The oil isn’t greasy and the scent sticks with you without being overpowering. These oils will always stay in my rotation."


If you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, we’ll take care of you. If something doesn’t work, we’ll find you a product that does, and if we can’t, we’ll make you whole.

  • We offer full refunds up to 60 days from the date of purchase. 
  • After 60 days, we can do a refund as store credit. 
  • Swaps are always free (net the difference in product costs).


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Beard Oil

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