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Beardbrand Coupons & Discounts

What's The Deal?

So, you're probably here looking for a coupon code but having trouble finding one that works. Well, that's because sales and discounts aren't a part of our company ethos.

We believe that the best purchases come from clear thought and planning. Sales and discounts are designed to take advantage of your emotions and generate action that might not have happened in normal circumstances.

We don’t want you to buy our products because you got a discount, we want you to decide to use our products because you truly feel that you’re adding value to your life, your style, and your grooming routine.

Beardbrand is a premium brand and that means you should expect a premium experience. Naturally you'll associate that premium experience with our products, but don't forget that the premium experience also includes our customer experience. We put more resources into education than any other company of our size and our satisfaction guarantee will make sure you leave happy (even if you couldn't find the right product for you).

Simply put, there is no risk with choosing Beardbrand.

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On orders of $60 or more.


If a product or fragrance doesn’t work for you, we’ll get you one that does.


Non-endocrine disrupting products that work with your body’s natural chemistry.