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Utility Beard Wash
Richard D (Albuquerque, US)
Fantastic product

I really liked the Utility Wash. It cleans the hair and primes it for the conditioner.

Utility Beard Oil
Stephen (Garland, US)
Beardbrand walks the talk!!

Beardbrand is the one only of many beard oils that I’ve tried that doesn’t leave you beard feeling greasy. I use it daily, but not just for my beard, but my skin as well!!

Utility Beard Wash
ck (House Springs, US)
Ridiculously amazing

Ok, I had the beard wash awhile back, and absolutely loved it.
This...blows it away.

The crisp / clean feeling of your beard after you wash, is the best.
Oh yeah, and you can use it on your hair, your face and the rest of your body.
Are you freakin' kidding me?!

I have VERY sensitive skin, so 'multipurpose' washes meant for face and body usually don't work out for me. This sounds weird, but my 'face skin' acts so differently than my 'body skin'. If I try to use other brands washes on both, I very easily break out and get dry skin on one or the other. This stuff is ridiculously amazing, my hair, face and body feel so clean and moisturized fresh out of the shower, I've never had anything like it.

Let my beard 'almost dry' and follow it up with Utility Balm, and I'm a new freakin' man.

They say you don't need to wash your beard everyday, but it's hard not to with this magic juice. Seriously.

Can you make the bottle bigger?? I'd buy it.

Never thought I'd leave a love letter to a beard product brand, but I'm pretty sure I just did.


Mustache Wax
Michael Lindbert (Okemos, US)
moosestache wax

Just the right amount of hold for a more natural look for the handlebar.

Beard Trimming Scissors
Dalton Dye (Columbus, US)
Great for Any Hair (And Gogurt)!

My son asked me to open up a Gogurt for him. The kitchen scissors were too dull after multiple attempts.

I figured the Beardbrand Scissors would likely be a higher quality - maybe even sharp enough to cut through both Gogurts and hair!

I received them in the mail; and got to cutting. My son was very pleased with the result; but then I realized I had handed him a lock of hair instead of an opened Gogurt.

*Snip* Happy son, happy life.

Styling Paste
Ben Smith (Atlanta, US)
Great hold paste!

The Styling Paste is great! It warms up easily in your hands for application and within minutes the hold sets in and firms up your styling design. It never feels heavy on your beard and the scent is pleasant without being overwhelming. I’ve been a fan for years and love their new packaging/branding.

Styling Paste
Customer (Maple Ridge, CA)

I used to buy their products when they first hit the market and it was top notch. I stopped because living in Canada it was just too much money with dollar conversion and getting hit with duty charges. Decided to buy some recently because it was the best and they have changed things. It’s nothing like it used to be, the product showed up and it had separated. They told me a at home fix which kind of worked but the quality of the product is still trash. So very disappointed. I will never buy again.

Utility Beard Softener
marv lalone (Benton Harbor, US)
Utility beard

Love it.

Customer (Dover, US)
Deodorant from Beardbrand

This is my 2nd purchase of the Deodorant from Beardbrand and while I still enjoy the product my first purchase of the Old Money fragrance eliminates the rancid smell from the pits tons better than my 2nd purchase which was the tea tree fragrance…I will stick this out and hopefully less people stop collapsing around me when I lift my arms but will purchase my third one with Old Money…unless of course the BOLD fragrance makes it way overdue much anticipated arrival..

Styling Paste
Kip Hirschfield (Troy, US)
Was a little worried

I have been using the styling balm for years and was a little worried... I shouldn't have been it's from Beardbrand its all good! seems a little creamier?, smells great and most important it works! Thanks, keep killing it!

Beard Brush
Eric Tissue (Springfield, US)
Beard Brush

The new beard brush is really awesome!! 🤩
It seriously gets me styled up & exfoliates my skin at the same time. I love it & highly recommend BB products!

Utility Beard Softener
Corey Herron (Jefferson City, US)
utility softener

Softener is great and smells great. Beard was of same scent (old money) smells and works great too, but Utility Balm of same scent, old money, works fine but smells horrible and will not purchase again, ever, ick. By far the best scent was the limited edition Bold Fortune beard oil which I was lucky enough to buy. That scent should be made available in all products.

Utility Beard Oil
David cain (The Bronx, US)
Utility oil

Love it!!

Utility Beard Softener
Eric G (Aransas Pass, US)

Utility Beard Softener

Sea Salt Spray
Nigel Croston (Rochester, US)
My hair looks ****ing dope

Legitimately all I’ve been hearing for the last few weeks is how good my hair looks. It’s wavy as hell, there’s these cool little curls in the back that my girlfriend wants to touch all the time, and it takes me like two seconds. I don’t even do the hair dryer like the Beard Brand video says. That Bandholz guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I towel dry, brush my hair, spray this stuff on, ruffle my hair with my hands a bit, and walk out the door. By the time it’s dry, I look like a straight up king. I use it any time I leave the house, which requires me to condition a bit which I’m not used to doing, but as long as you do that, the drying factor is a non factor. You just look sick. Buy it.

Utility Bar
Dennis Belus

Love it

Styling Paste
tom thayer
Styling paste is great!

Styling paste is just what I wanted. I also learned how easy and fast an exchange is if it’s not.

Utility Balm
Rodrigo Sett (San José, CR)
Simply amazing

The utility balm has everything: great smell, great consistency and nourishes my beard and skin. I feel naked if I don't appy it at all. Great stuff.

Utility Beard Oil
John Davis (Nashua, US)
Subtle Masculine Tree Ranger

Perfect daily on full beard and hair. Work what’s left into hands, really helps with dry skin. Kept old small glass Beardbrand bottle to refill for travel (3.4 oz limit). Just got Utility Wash and Utility Conditioner. Lumberjack beard in progress!

Styling Paste
zakk hare (New Castle, US)
Nice smell

The styling paste smells great! I got OM and it smells like it should! No funky oder or anything this time. Wish all your products smelled this good

Utility Bar
James Earhart (Hillsboro, US)
utility bar

it is awesome. i have used it for years. temple smoke. my wife loves how i smell after showering with it and my facial acne has gone away

Utility Balm
Jason G (Mattoon, US)
Utility balm old money

The old money utility balm continues to impress. Between this and the oils, have not found a better quality yet. I hope BB doesn’t change it. These ingredients leave you feeling smooth like no other. I noticed like others the balm may get “gritty”, and it is the nature of the beast. Another tip, I set my tin on the hood of my truck yesterday after detailing it, 73 deg F, sunny, and after a few minutes it was liquid, set it in the deep freeze for a bit, and it is now the creamiest balm I have ever experienced. A++ to Beardbrand.

Utility Balm
Dylan Letcher

Utility Balm

Beard Brush
Dr. Edward S. Burd (Tehachapi, US)
Best investment for my beard

I'm one of those guys who typically goes with the most basic tools for caring for my beard and hair. A cheap comb with missing teeth seemed good enough until my beard was 12 inches and I got tired of pulling snags. Having tried the beard wash, softener, and balm I gave the brush a try. I am now a convert. Beardbrand products are terrific, so terrific I bought the bundle. But my fav among favs is the brush. Excellent beyond my wildest expectations.

Utility Beard Wash
D.T. (Palatine, US)

I have been using and will continue to use: Utility Oil, Wash & Softner as well as Sea Salt spray, Styling Paste and Deodorant. I am 100% satisfied with every product and will continue to buy and use these regularly. I get the Temple Smoke and love it. (Miss the Citrus Spice.) I would be great if the deodorant had a little stronger scent but I am still 100% happy with it! Beside really enjoying the products I am very impressed with the company and the way Eric markets and advertises being true to himself and his customers as a regular down to earth person with no pretense. I'd like to see a product geared towards woman's skin with maybe a Lavendar scent. My wife wants to use the Utility oil on her hands but doesn't want to smell like a guy.

I'd like to see another scent with heavy vanilla.

Chicago IL

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