Alpha M Kit


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Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Pine

Damn, we are stoked to do this collaboration with Aaron Marino. I've been friends with him for a few years and now that he's grown his beard out a bit, we had to do a collaboration. So we packaged together all the items you are going to need to take care of your beard and went with Aaron's favorite scent, Tree Ranger. This is a limited edition package and we will keep it going until supplies run out.

The kit contains a Minimalist's Kit (Beard Oil, Mustache Wax & Wooden Stand), Pocket Beard Comb, Utility Balm, Beard Wash and Beard Softener. The wash & softener are to be used in the shower, similar to hair shampoo and conditioner (but for your beard). After towel drying your beard, apply either beard oil or utility balm to your beard and face. I prefer utility balm during very hot or very cold days, and beard oil for your spring & fall days. You can also apply utility balm on your tattoos, skin, or hair. Use a bit of mustache wax to keep your whiskers tamed, and use the comb to get it looking it's best.

Aaron's favorite blend, Tree Ranger, is like a crisp blast of air that follows you after a hike in the Pacific Northwest. It's our most popular fragrance for a reason and this is a great collection to get started with - it has all the products you need to give your beard the best!