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For those who brazenly chart their own course
Black Sails was created with the spirit and freedom of the sea in mind. This limited-edition Utility Balm features the same formula and incredible versatility you get in all of our Gold, Silver, and White Line Utility Balms. The sea beckons—let Black Sails be your flagship.


We all share an undeniable connection with the sea. At some point, we all feel the pull to return to the water—to stare out beyond the break, and search for answers not yet known. The sea is where we face our fears. It’s where we venture into the deep and return to solid ground with more sturdy footing—and some damn good stories to tell.

Unrivaled versatility

Like a utility knife, Beardbrand Utility Balm is designed for the beardsman who needs a do-it-all product. It features all the benefits of our Beard Oil, but in a balm form that gives more control to pesky flyaways, works magic on dry skin, and adds shine and vigor to fully healed tattoos.


A little goes a long way, so start with a small finger-full, warm between hands, and apply to… well, anywhere on your body. Apply more as needed. Learn More.


3.2 oz / 95 ml (approx. 3 months)

The fill weight of Beardbrand Utility Balm usually is a little more than 3.4 oz. Black Sails is 3.2 oz., so the max purchase amount has been increased from 2 units to 3 units.


When first smelled in the bottle, Black Sails opens with the strong, briny smell of coastal seaweed. This gives way to softer fragrances of oakmoss, salt-air, and ambergris when warmed in the hands. Finally, the spicy sweetness of citrus and bourbon become increasingly prominent as Black Sails settles into your beard. It’s a fragrance that is daring and alluring, taking you on a journey from the coastline to the open sea to the captain’s quarters.




We want you to be happy at Beardbrand, even if the product doesn’t work for you. Everyone has different skin types, hair types, and fragrance preferences. While we’d love to say our products will work for 100% of the people that buy them, we know that’s simply not the case.

Don’t worry; if you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, we’ll take care of you. If something doesn’t work, we’ll find you a product that does, and if we can’t, we’ll make you whole.

  • We offer full refunds up to 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • After 60 days, we can do a refund as store credit.
  • Swaps are always free (net the difference in product costs).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Mariah Braden (Mount Airy, US)

This quickly became my husbands favorite beardbrand product. SO. GOOD. It needs to be a staple and have its own line!!! The smell is amazing and gets better and more complex throughout the day. Wish there was more black sails to buy, and wish the packaging was easier to read. Favorite beardbrand product for sure.

This brand is going places!

Firstly, just so that Im clear and people dont think Im baised, I am a huge fan of beardbrand and I own a lot of their products which I have been using for years. From the utility balms and waxes to the beard oils, to the mustache wax (which I never used), the soaps (simply amazing), the beard wash and conditioner, the sea salt sprays (which Im not a fan of) , the shampoo and conditioner, the accessories combs, brushes and the scissors, heck I even got the walnut box! So suffice to say I love almost everything beardbrand... and I have these products in all gold fragrances plus tea tree in silver, with Four Vices being my absolute favorite..
So with that out of the way, lets talk about black sails. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to buy the beard oil when it was offered, but I made the effort to order the utility balm. I only recently had the chance to try it since receiving it, and I had been looking forward to that. When I first opened the jar, the scent left me puzzled and disappointed as it was not what I had expected, and I didn’t like it at all. I nonetheless put some on, and for the first few minutes I felt dismayed and angry, thinking how could the folks at beardbrand have botched this up so badly and let us down after all the hype concerning this limited edition product. That feeling slowly started to change a few minutes later, as the fragrance started to evolve, I could smell something truly unique and amazing . Soon after I felt that this fragrance was my absolute favorite, its silage is strong and aroma beautiful, it is at par with the best designer perfume brands out there. My feelings turned to utter regret as I had not seized the chance to buy more.
To the folks at beardbrand, please keep doing the amazing work that you do and rest assured your brand is going places!!!
And please consider making this fragrance permanently available.

Randy Darty (Waukesha, US)
I LOVE Black Sails

This is the best fragrance yet. I absolutely love Old Money... but Black Sails is even better!

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