Styling Balm 3-Pack

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All-day style for hair and beard without the crunch
Beardbrand Styling Balm delivers a medium hold that gives a free-flowing, natural look to your beard and head hair while providing a satin-like finish. It’s flexible, so you can run your fingers through your hair without it feeling hard, stiff, and crunchy.

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➤ Heads up!
We are streamlining our product offering and will be retiring Four Vices, Tea Tree, and Spiced Citrus products over the course of the year. These changes won’t be immediate, but as products in those fragrances go out of stock, we won’t be replenishing them. Click here to learn more about why we’re making these changes.

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Whatever your style is, Beardbrand Styling Balm is versatile enough to handle it. Designed to work with all hair types, it provides enough hold to keep thick, curly hair under control, keep thinner hair from falling flat, and keep the most unruly beards inline—all while keeping your hair flexible and touchable (no hard, stiff, crunchy hair here). This product pulls its weight when it comes to keeping your look locked in throughout the day. Whatever your style is, wear it with confidence with Beardbrand Styling Balm.


Scoop out a pea-size amount of balm, rub hands together, and work into your beard or head hair. Start at the back of the head and work to the front. Apply the product evenly from the roots of the hair to the tips. Add more as needed. Shape hair to the desired style. Styling Balm works on both damp or dry hair.


3.4 oz / 100 ml (approx. 3 months) each

➤ Heads up!
We are streamlining our product offering and will be retiring Four Vices, Tea Tree, and Spiced Citrus products over the course of the year. These changes won’t be immediate, but as products in those fragrances go out of stock, we won’t be replenishing them. Click here to learn more about why we’re making these changes.

Gold Line Fragrances

Old Money

Breathe deep—that's the smell of Old Money. With 23 fragrance notes—including aged oak, amber, and ylang ylang—this is a rich and complex scent that evolves throughout the day. As a fragrance, Old Money is right at home surrounded by rich mahogany, your favorite worn leather chair, a glass of whiskey, and a cigar.

Primary Notes: Oak, Amber, Leather, Lime, Ylang Ylang
Fragrance Family: Woody, Floral, Citrus
Fragrance Type: Rich & Complex

Temple Smoke

Temple Smoke is a mystical blend inspired by the rich fragrance of oud incense. It has deep and warm layers with an earthy, smoky undertone. The complementary notes of palo santo, frankincense, and patchouli create a rich and long-lasting blend. This resinous and smoky fragrance is perfect for a temple retreat or hastily retreating from a temple.

Primary Notes: Palo Santo, Vanilla, Frankincense, Patchouli
Fragrance Family: Woody, Resinous, Earthy
Fragrance Type: Sweet & Smoky

Four Vices

Indulge in your favorite Four Vices—coffee, tobacco, cannabis, and hops. The earthy notes of coffee and tobacco pair perfectly with the bitter, floral notes of cannabis and hops. This rich and rugged blend is so good it’s almost sinful.

Primary Notes: Tobacco, Coffee, Hemp, Hops
Fragrance Family: Herbal, Woody, Gourmand
Fragrance Type: Warm & Earthy

Silver Line Fragrances

Tree Ranger

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? Who the hell cares when you smell this good! We’ll go out on a limb and say it—Tree Ranger will leave you pining for more. This blend of refreshing eucalyptus, fresh pine, and sweet, sweet cedarwood takes root in your beard, hair, and skin and says, “that man is a trailblazer.” In other words, Tree Ranger keeps you smelling like you just hiked through a Pacific Northwest Forest.

Primary Notes: Eucalyptus, Pine, Cedarwood
Fragrance Family: Herbal, Woody
Fragrance Type: Light & Fresh

Spiced Citrus

Some things are timeless, like an old fashioned in an underground Manhattan bar while Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” plays softly in the background. And when it comes to fragrances, few are as timeless as Spiced Citrus. Bright, refreshing notes of citrus are muddled with vanilla and clove, giving it an intoxicating sweetness that’s hard to resist. Spiced Citrus is one part smooth, one part sophisticated, and always well received. Use responsibly.

Primary Notes: Grapefruit, Clove, Vanilla
Fragrance Family: Citrus, Gourmand
Fragrance Type: Warm, Sweet, & Spicy

Tea Tree

It's said that the best views come after the hardest climbs. And when the climbing gets steep, you need a fragrance as cool and confident as you are—enter Tea Tree. Tea Tree is an invigorating blend that inspires you to go climb a mountain—literally and figuratively. Crisp notes of Tea Tree and peppermint are balanced with vanilla and balsam, resulting in an herbal and minty sweetness that’s steeped in adventure.

Primary Notes: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Vanilla
Fragrance Family: Herbal, Gourmand
Fragrance Type: Crisp & Cool



Variations in fragrance may slightly change the order ingredients are listed in.


We want you to be happy at Beardbrand, even if the product doesn’t work for you. Everyone has different skin types, hair types, and fragrance preferences. While we’d love to say our products will work for 100% of the people that buy them, we know that’s simply not the case.

Don’t worry; if you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, we’ll take care of you. If something doesn’t work, we’ll find you a product that does, and if we can’t, we’ll make you whole.

  • We offer full refunds up to 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • After 60 days, we can do a refund as store credit.
  • Swaps are always free (net the difference in product costs).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1190 reviews
Matthew W (Burlington, US)
Minimalist Mustachio Tamer

As a dude with a Hungarian-styled handlebar mustache I field a decent amount of questions. I have come to find the most surprising answer I offer is, I don’t use wax…it’s all the work of Beardbrand Styling Balm. A beard oil base with a quick style, with a small amount of styling balm on my index fingers & thumbs apply on the exterior & curl, a quick few combs, style, and I’m good to go! 3 minutes tops!

I used to load up on wax and was never a fan of a literal stiff upper lip or major restyles mid-day. This natural hold lasts me all day and allows for a quick comb & style on the run, if necessary. Just grab my comb in a Sternbeard sheath and I’m out the door. Less is more with Beardbrand Styling Balm.

J.R. (New Bedford, US)
Best beard styling product on the market

I've had a full beard for like 10 years, and a few years ago really started paying attention to styling and growing it out. I tried everything from every brand and nothing really gave me the hold I wanted. They were either way to thick and made my beard appear unnatural and way too stiff, or were very greasy and offered no hold at all.
On a whim I spent a little extra and tried the Old Money Styling Balm and now I will never use anything else. God forbid this company ever disappears I may just have to shave my whiskers. This offers a perfect hold for my thick and wavy beard and doesnt look unnatural or stiff. I can easily touch it up during the day, or even give a quick rinse if I get dirty and it still holds up perfectly. Worth every penny and I use now every day

CharlieB (Lexington, US)
Just One of Many Great Products!

Old Money Styling Balm fits right in with my other Old Money products. It provides just the right amount of hold without making my beard feel stiff. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a great Styling Balm.

4 vices styling balm has no scent

I purchased both the utility and styling balms in 4 vices and old money.
Only problem is the 4 vices styling balm has no smell except for a lotion smell.
The old money styling balm has a strong smell similar to the utility balm.
The 4 vices also came in a different box than the rest of the products so I'm not sure if I received an old product that maybe had expired?
Either way not happy that it doesn't have the smell I purchased.

Edit: Just received an email from Beardbrand and they are sending me a replacement at no charge.
Thank you Beardbrand!

Hi Shawn,

Meg here at Beardbrand. Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm so sorry to hear that the Four Vices Styling Balm doesn't have a strong fragrance and came in the wrong box. I'm going to send you a replacement for that right now - it'll be on the way to you soon so look out for a confirmation email!

Please reach out to me at with questions or if I can do anything else for you!


Richard Blanc (Sandy Hook, US)
Great product

It doesn’t get better than this stuff…my son n uses it on hair and beard and he looks great!

Alvaro Matias (Atlanta, US)

Encantado con el producto . 👍

Daniel Chambers (Weehawken, US)
This is the Balm!

I have used so many hair products, but this Styling Balm is the best. I was using the Utility Balm for my beard & hair . Loved it on the beard, but found it to greasy for my head hair. Even if my dry hair looks like crap, I just rub a little Styling Balm into my hands , run it threw my hair & then, Bam, instant Cool hair. Great hold & body.

Kelly Burdette (Park City, US)
A premium product

I have used so many different products beardbrand stands alone Aplus keep it up

J Diaz (Houston, US)

Buenísimo producto. Me encanto mantiene mi barba oliendo fresca el aroma es fantástico dura todo el día. Y mantiene mi estilo de barba firme.

Jon B (Indianapolis, US)

Wonderful product. Love it the hair and beard

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