Tree Ranger Sea Salt Spray

3.4 fl oz / 100 ml


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  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly

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Eucalyptus, Pine
 Tree Ranger blend

This Sea Salt Spray takes the standard messy waves and volume you get from a day swimming in salt water and adds a touch of extra texture and hold to the style. Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray is infused with kaolinite clay to mimic the grit of beach sand. Like sand in the ocean, the kaolinite clay will separate and settle at the bottom of the bottle so, give it a shake and spray generously on mid-lengths and ends of hair, then air or blow dry for natural looking tousled beach waves.

Tree Ranger is a potent eucalyptus blend that will have you smelling like you just hiked through a Pacific Northwest forest. In fact, people may be wondering why your face was hugging a tree. You shouldn't leave for your next camping trip, or anywhere for that matter, without this blend in your bag.

Sure, the best way to get that textured hair might be to soak up some sun in the sand and ocean, but if there's no beach nearby, reach for the Beardbrand - it's a day at the beach in a bottle.


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Excellent product from an excellent brand

Been using this sea salt spray for several months now. Really like how it holds without making my hair crunchy or leaving residue that falls off. I have thick curly hair that I like to keep at medium length, and it is stubborn and difficult to style but this spray makes it easier with a confident but gentle hold, and it’s easy to reshape if my do gets messed up. Highly recommend for men’s curly hair

Tree ranger sea salt spray

This product is really cool, it has an interesting texture effect on my hair.

Tree ranger sea salt spray

Difficult to determine it's effectiveness, since the spray mechanism was constantly clogged.

Hey Dave Thanks so much for your thoughts on the Tree Ranger Sea Salt Spray. We hate to hear that this is happening with your product. Typically, you can unclog the nozzle by running it under hot water for a few minutes. This usually clears any residue that can sometimes build up in the nozzle. If you've tried this and it doesn't work out, just shoot us an email at [email protected]. We'll happily get you taken care of.
Spray Bottles

I have in my collection Four Vices and Tree Ranger sea salt spray. The products are great. And as described give you that look of a 20 something California surfer style. Im in my 70’s and that is not an option but my hair styles well when using these products and I look like a cool dude Full stop! The spray mechanism on the more expensive Four Vices bottle clogged up or became dysfunctional immediately and was a disappointment but the less expensive Tree Ranger spray bottle works perfectly. Probably a defect in the spray design and not the product.
I really like them both and will continue to use and purchase more.