10 Things No One Tells You About Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is quite a unique experience. On the surface, sure, it seems rather simple: You put down the razor and let that beautiful face fluff of yours blossom. But there is much more to it than that. If you’re just beginning your journey, these are some things you’ll be glad to know. If you’re already a seasoned beardsman, you’ll certainly be able to reflect on this list, having experienced some - or all - of the following.

The itching stops

It’s hard to believe it at first, but it will eventually stop. Some never get past the itching phase because they “just can’t handle it.” It’s sad, but true. But believe me, after one or two months, the itching completely stops.

The longer it gets, the harder it is to keep it looking good

If you can sleep all night long and wake in the morning without any kind of bed beard, you are a better man than I. When I wake up and make my way to the mirror, it looks like I flat ironed half my face. Thankfully, it’s nothing a shower and a comb won’t fix. What I’m getting at is that the longer your beard gets, the harder it is to keep looking good. Which is where companies like Beardbrand come in, because it’s things like oil, wax, balm, and combs that can help you keep that beard of yours looking its best.

Beard Oil is essential

One of the things that helps your facial façade stay on point is Beard Oil. The main thing Beard Oil does is condition your hair. As a result, your beard is healthier, softer, and your skin is less dry. The application process is rather important. Working the oil down to the skin will give you the best results. For an in-depth explanation on Beard Oil, check out this video.

You'll grow attached to your beard

Much like the house you live in, the car you drive, or your pet, the longer (time-wise) you have a beard, the more you’ll want to keep it, take care of it, and take it out for long walks on the beach. I’m sure this sounds silly to someone who doesn’t have a beard but silly or not, it’s true. When I first started growing my beard I had no interest in beard care products. Today, I have pretty much every product out there.

The thought of trimming it is terrifying

It’s a difficult thing to explain to someone who doesn’t have a long beard, but the thought of getting a beard trim can be a terrifying thing to think of, let alone do. Luckily, the more popular beards get, the more barbers there will be who are skilled at trimming a beard.

You'll find little beard hairs everywhere

Whether it’s in the bathroom sink, shower, or floor - those little hairs are everywhere. Hair falls out when you comb it. Hair falls out when you wash it. And trimming also creates a mess. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing you can do about it except buy a good vacuum, extra paper towels, or a Beard Bib (a product that may just save your marriage).

People will compare you to other "well-known" beardsmen

You can’t escape this one. Whether you’re fortunate enough to grow your beard long enough to be compared with the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame, or comedian Zach Galifianakis, you’ll be told you look like someone on TV. For example, I’ve been told I (or my beard) look like Ryan Fitzpatrick (NFL QB) a few times. At some point, this will stop being funny and become annoying, but there is little you can do. Because, you know, people will be people.

You'll get attention because of your majestic man mane

Whether it’s someone calling you a hipster, someone comparing you to a celeb, or someone saying your beard looks magical, eyes will be drawn to you because of your beard. And I’ve got some good news for the single brothers out there: the ladies love it.

Eating can be a pain

The longer you grow a beard the harder it gets to eat simple things like a sandwich. Even drinking something like a beer can be a mess. I remember being at work not too long ago eating lunch at my desk when someone walked by and pointed out, with a smirk, I had something in my beard. I had no idea that some of the sauce from the burger I was eating dripped down into my beard.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the mess. For example, I’ve started to cut up my burgers into quarters. And that seems to help quite a bit. If you’ve got a long mustache and you like coffee or beer think about getting something like a Whisker Dam.

There's a kind of camaraderie between beardsmen

It’s a cool feeling when you and your beard are at a bar, grocery store, gym, or wherever, and you see another bearded urbanite. What follows is eye contact and a nod of the head. And that’s because you two get each other. The struggle, the joy, the greatness that comes with growing a beard.

I remember being at a bar and seeing a fellow beardsman. He was actually my waiter. And this man had a very impressive yeard. I asked him how long it had been and he knew the exact date he started growing it. It’s that kind of passion that all Urban Beardsmen have. And it’s something you can’t experience without a beard.

There are good things and bad things you’ll experience when growing out your face fluff. If you’re just beginning, you have many of the things listed above to look forward to. If you’re already an established beardsman, you can certainly relate. And as more and more experience the joy of growing a beard, others will realize it’s not a fad that’s going away. The beard growing “trend” is here to stay, so you better get used to it.


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Written by Keith King


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