Face It – The Beard Is Here To Stay

There seems to be an endless debate over the “beard trend” with many folks questioning when it will end. Well let’s get a few things straight – beards aren’t a trend, and it’s time to face the fact: they’re here to stay for good.

The Times Of India recently published an article in which they explain why the beard is sticking around, and is stronger than ever. First of all, this new generation of beardsmen are helping to eliminate stereotypes that young professionals need to be completely-shaven. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals, and the like have found that growing their beards can add to their image and their sense of power and individualism.

The Times Of India also points out that younger generations have come to appreciate not only the hassle-free routine involved with rocking a killer beard, but the increased sense of confidence and attractiveness they feel when they’re sporting a majestic man mane.

They also point out that more and more folks are realizing the health benefits that come along with a beard including UV ray protection, as well as fending off wrinkles by keeping the skin underneath the beard soft and hydrated.

The bottom line is that the times, they are a-changin’. Millenials in particular are coming to view beards as a part of their daily lives, and not a niche look associated with any one type of individual. And therein lies the real reason that the beard trend will never end – it’s simply not a trend. It’s become  a generally accepted and respected look.

So next time someone questions when the beard trend will end, simply remind them that it’s not a trend – it’s a way of life.


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