How to Trim Your Beard Neck Line | Jeff Buoncristiano

Seth Tucker

Jeff talks with us about how to trim your beard neck line in this awesome video. The biggest many men make is that they trim the beard neck line way too high and show off too much of the neck. This draws the eye to the wrong part of the face and can make a guy look silly.

The key with trimming your beard neck line is to trim it just above the Adam's apple. When you do that, it grows back in a more normal appearance and the scruff on your neck is more acceptable. If you are thinning up top it'll help draw your attention towards the bottom of your face rather than toward the top of your head.


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  • I liked the video explaining about the nexk line trimming and where it should be in realtion to the adams apple. One comment that is made is that the human eye when notice the lighter parts first (face) and darker (beards) will recede. My problem is that I have a bald shaved head with a white beard and stache. Should the theory therefore change for guys with white beards rather than brown or black.

    Peter on

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