5 Common Mistakes Made by Men With Patchy Beards

Parker Mallouf

Eric is back to discuss 5 major beard mistakes that men with patchy beard often do. It goes without saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with patchy beards. Just because you have a few patches in your face forest doesn't mean you can't experience the awesomeness that comes with being a beardsman.

#1. Not growing your beard out.

Let it grow! Don't assume the worst and not give your beard a chance to shine. Growing is a beard that every man should experience.

#2. Not giving your beard enough time.

Believe it or not, you may not have a patchy beard after all. Beard hair grows at different speeds. Give your beard enough time and you might see the stubborn patches slowly begin to fill themselves in.

#3. Comparing yourself to others.

Grow your beard for you and only you. It's not about the destination, rather enjoying the journey.

#4. Don't fall for growth oil scams.

Guys, if you rub a magic oil potion on your face before you go to bed, you're not going to wake up with a big full beard. Unfortunately, there's no product out there that can fix a patchy beard. If there was, patchy beards wouldn't be a thing. Take care of your beard with the proper beard care products, but don't have unrealistic expectations.

#5. Not taking care of your patchy beard.

All beards need love. Don't neglect your beard. Use some awesome Beardbrand products to keep your beard strong, soft, and healthy. 


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