Beard Decorations

Glitter beards and beard baubles and confetti, oh my! Today the guy’s are talking about beard decorations and when (and when not) to decorate your beard.

Eric and Clayton discuss Clayton’s beard getting hit with a handful of glitter in New Orleans, the popularity of beard baubles and dying beards to support your favorite team, and the surprise decorations your beard can accumulate after meals.

The guys also discuss grey beards, and not only embracing when you go grey, but how bad-ass it can actually look, and how harsh chemical dyes can be if you do decide to eradicate the greys – or just celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a green beard.

Listen to the new episode to hear about Eric’s disdain for the term “clean-shaven”, their ideas for new beard decoration trends, and the fun of watching raccoon’s try to eat cotton candy.

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