Bearded Badassery

Beards and tattoos – if two things have ever fit more naturally, we’re not aware of it. Now, you don’t have to have tattoos to have beautiful beard. And you don’t have to have a beard to have beautiful tattoos, but maybe you should. Don’t take our word for it. Take these people’s word for it! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tattooed beardsman. If you end up in a tattoo parlor after reading, then we’ve done our job… And our apologies to all the mothers we’re disappointing.

The Beard Ambassador

Carlos Costa – @roque_80


Image Credit: @roque_80

The Bearded Barber

Jake Hurn – @jakehurn


Image Credit: @jakehurn

The Vet

James ramsey – @james_m_ramsey


Image Credit: @james_m_ramsey

The Return of the Grey BA



Image Credit: @sir_ndrewsilver

The Tatted Brit

Shaun Garvey – @shaun_garvey


Image Credit: @shaun_garvey

The Fashion Tat

Gianluca Di sotto – @gianlucadisotto


Image Credit: @gianlucadisotto

Bond, Vagabond

Dominik Berberich – @dominikberberich


Image Credit: @dominikberberich

The Fit Beard

Gabriel Estaifo – @gabrielestaifo


Image Credit: @gabrielestaifo

The Euro Beard

Edwar Tiger – @edwartiger


Image Credit: @edwartiger

Mustache & Mayhem

John Craig – @jonnycbodypiercer


Image Credit: @jonnycbodypiercer

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