Brian Vincent

Who I am

My name is Brian Vincent, but most folks call me Vince. When I was 14 my father was killed while serving our country. I went from being an all American kid, starring in football games, to an inconsolable, angry young man who traveled some very dark personal roads. 10 years later I discovered rock climbing and moved to Fayetteville, WV, to become a guide. I fell into an amazing community and met my wife, an ex-pro whitewater kayaker. The outdoors saved my life. I found direction by getting lost in the West Virginia wilderness and I strive to share the passion born from that experience everyday. In my ideal world, I get to have fun outside, share that fun and inspire others to seek it out for themselves. I am a husband to an amazing woman, a father to two beautiful girls, and best friend to a dog named Muggs. I am currently psyched on kayak fishing. It’s therapeutic, extremely addictive and has given me the chance to raise awareness for organizations like Heroes On The Water, that works to heal the wounds of our vets by getting them on the water for fishing and camaraderie.

What I do

I handle all the print and digital marketing, including blogging, e-commerce analytics, etc. for my father-in-law’s business, Appomattox River Company. I also answer phones, unload trucks, and work the floor. We are a small family business, established in 1977, with one of the largest inventories in paddle-sports, covering whitewater kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayak fishing. Through my work I get to tap into many different outdoor recreation communities, covering events and celebrating the passion of those involved. I love it.

Where I live

We live in the heart of Virginia in the town my wife grew up in, Farmville. Yes, it’s an actual place and yes, there are cows and crops. But we also have two colleges and two great bass lakes. We are an hour west of Richmond and 2.5 hours from the beach, so I get the benefits of country, coastal, and urban living. This grants me access to concerts in each of my musical leanings: bluegrass, reggae, and hip hop.

Why I Beard

I beard because I am man. Dan Fouts, famous quarterback, once said, “I’d rather shampoo my face then shave it.” I’ve felt that way a long time. I quit my first job, pizza delivery, when I was a teen because they told me I had to shave. Shaving is a rare event. I spend a lot of time outside recreating, so I grow my beard long from September to May as a barrier to the elements. It’s traditionally been a function over form thing. But with the advent of products like Beardbrand, I’ve found a way to sexy up my face with sweet scents, and my wife no longer asks if I’ve washed my beard as I climb into bed.



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