Diego Weisz

Who I Am.

I’m Diego Weisz, 28 years old. 
I’m a calm person who’s addicted to nature and loves getting lost in wild, remote places in company of my dog. I’m always on the hunt for beautiful landscapes where I can disconnect from the fast paced world and capture unique pictures that transmit the energy of the places I visit.

What I Do.

I’m an industrial designer & professional photographer.

Industrial design work: www.diegoweisz.com
Photography: www.facebook.com/diegoweisz.photography

Where I Live.

I live in Punta del Este, Uruguay, with the beach as my neighbor.

Why I Beard.

I’ve always had a short beard for the most part, but 10 months ago while I was traveling around South American for a project I started letting my beard grow longer. Some friends and I decided to buy a bus and transform it into our house on wheels, and during that process we isolated ourselves in a faraway town where we could park the bus and work on the project away from any distractions. Initially I stopped shaving to save time, but when I started getting emotionally involved with my beard it became a part of my brand. Now I can’t see myself without it.

You can see the motorhome project at: www.facebook.com/holagury



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