Ewing Dry Goods Leather

Once you feel thick quality leather you just don’t go back to run of the mill store bought stuff. Ewing Dry Goods specializes in handmade leather accessories and carry items that become family heirlooms that simply get better with age.

Dan Ewing started his business with his family in Alaska and recently moved to Vancouver Washington, right across the river from Portland. He’s a man of character, integrity, and beard.

He and his wife draw inspiration from Northwest American Native culture and classic American Heritage styling. It’s their mission to use 100% American family made or raised products, emphasizing the importance of “supporting your local.”

When it is not possible to find products in America, they source from countries with labor laws and fair wages for their workers. They utilize animal products that are hunted for sustenance purposes only, or have died of natural causes in the wild. Most of the products used in their work are gathered or procured from local hunters and native artists.

I picked up one of their Minimalst Belts ($105) and haven’t taken it off for a month. This belt is sophisticated, classic, and built to last a lifetime. It’s made of 10 oz natural vegetable-tanned 1 1/2” American leather. They are available with brass, nickel, or black hardware. They cut the belt, round and burnish the edges and then wax it by hand using a bear fat & bees wax mixture. That just sounds cool.

I chose the natural leather with the black hardware so that it would wear well with brown or black boots. The natural leather will darken significantly with time. They also offer an all black Stealth Minimalist Belt as well as a Brown Minimalist version. Most of their items require a week of make time so be patient, fella.

They stock a sweet stash of bracelets and cuffs for both men and women. Their Watch Strap ($125) though is on my short list of must-haves. Available in three widths and three lengths, they come in Black, Brown and Whiskey color. You simply can’t walk into a store and find this kind of quality. Plain and simple.

Check out the Minimalist Wallet ($70) for a simple solution to carrying cards and cash. The stamping of their logo makes it pop with the pine tree emblazoned over their initial. With nine colors to choose from you’ll have plenty of hide for your backside.

Although out of stock at the moment, their Gentleman’s Billfold and Ice Road Trucker wallets are sharp too and may make their return at some point. Once you’ve had your leather fix check out their logo apparel too. They’ve got plenty of shirts, hoodies, and caps to show your support for independent brands made by great people.



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