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Expert Mustache Grooming Tips

Greg is with us today to show us how he's going to take his unruly mustache and make it... a smaller mustache.

Greg's recently cut his beard back while keeping a larger mustache (he enjoys trying on new looks)

Grooming - Not Trimming

Lately Greg's been accused of being "sly" and trimming his mustache when he works on his beard.

Let's clear something up - Greg hasn't trimmed his mustache in months. The changes in his beard are causing people to look at it differently, and notice things for the first time. That's part of the fun of having a beard!

Most importantly, however - Greg has been styling his mustache differently to make it less impactful and appear smaller. He's going to show us how he styles his mustache to make it appear shorter without having to trim it.

Greg has large features, including a wide mouth and jaw, so he has "a lotta mustache" to work with, but also to groom away.

Greg notes that having a large mustache can be a bit problematic - particularly when it comes to eating. He also dislikes that he can't see his mouth through his longer mustache.

Blending The Mustache

For the outer thirds of his mustache (or The Tails), he combs them directly into the body of his beard to help blend them in, giving the illusion that they're actually part of the beard. He then uses a, brush and blow dryer to coax and pull the insides of the mustache "out" from the center of the beard to the outer edge of the mustache. 

Ultimately, Greg curls a shorter portion of his mustache at the end of his lips to give the illusion of a short, curled mustache. However, the actual lengthy ends of his mustache are blended into the beard underneath.

Greg has done quite a few grooming videos regarding his 'stache and beard, so here are a few links to help guide you:

Greg Berzinsky Styles His Hair

Greg Berzinsky Styles His Beard








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