Fall Jackets

What’s one thing you won’t be able to live without as fall weather kicks in? No it’s not a pumpkin spice anything. It’s a jacket (the question was pretty easy I thought). But not just any jacket. If you’re going to put any of your hard-earned dollars into a new outer layer you should expect it to be versatile enough to be worn all the time but stylish enough to keep you ahead of the curve and always looking good. Here are some stylish jacket options you should consider slipping into this fall.


Denim Jacket

I’m addicted to denim so it’s no wonder I’d be telling you to consider choosing a denim jacket for your latest layer investment. The great thing about denim jackets is that they are so versatile. They can be worn with a pair of corduroys for a classically cool casual look but throw on a denim jacket with a wool trouser and you’ll look both edgy and quite dashing if I do say so myself. There is nothing more iconic than a classic denim jacket so you have to have one. Don’t want it this fall? You’ll be back eventually. There’s no escaping the denim jacket’s pull on the style heartstrings. Interested? Look for dark washes that can wear and fade with time. Check out: Ralph Lauren / Levis


Leather Jacket

Perhaps the only jacket more iconic than the denim is the leather jacket. A leather jacket is nothing if not the epitome of cool. I got my first real leather jacket a couple years back and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces to pull out for a night out. It can be layered over anything. Perhaps the easiest and arguably the most stylish way to rock a leather jacket is to pull a James Dean and layer it over a simple white tee, but layered over a button up and tie has been known to yield great results as well. When shopping for the perfect leather jacket either go classic with a simple, tailored cut in a dark brown or go all in with an edgier off-center black option. Check out: Golden Bear / Topman


Bomber Jacket

Bombers are (pardon the pun) the bomb. They are so easy to wear and can up your style quotient immensely. The great thing about these jackets is that you can buy a good solid color like a black and wear it all the time, all day and all night and you will always look great. Remember a few years back when cardigans were a big deal (I still love cardigans so don’t get it twisted)? Well they were all over and guys could throw one on and instantly look like a style success. Well bomber jackets are the cardigan of this fall. Pick one up. Put it on. Walk around like you own the world because you’ll look like you deserve it. Check out: Beckett Simonon / Topman



Everyone’s got one, but everyone forgets about it. You’ve got a suit right? Break that jacket out for a night on the town while you let the pants take the night off. Breaking up your suit is the best way to get your money’s worth out of that hefty investment. Fall is the perfect time of year to pull that tweed blazer or herringbone suit jacket out of its garment bag and let it enjoy the crisp breezes and the crunch of the leaves. Looking to have some fun with that stuffy plaid blazer? Wear it casually with a white v neck tee or go all in and layer a dark print shirt underneath for added drama. Check out: J.Crew / Club Monaco


Field Jacket

A jacket you will get use out of season after season is a quality military-inspired field jacket. They’re more casual than some of the other options but they pack some serious punch in the style department. Utilitarian and military inspired pieces are always in style so adding one of these guys to your wardrobe is a worthy investment. Besides being stylish they’re usually pretty useful (it’s amazing what you can fit in all those pockets) and they’re usually pretty light weight which makes them a great outer layer for fall. You can’t go wrong with a classic military green but if you want to get a little crazy try a black or, better yet, a nice red. Check out: J.Crew / Topman



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