Jeffrey Posner

Who I Am.

My name is Jeffrey Posner. I’m 38 years old, humbled by life, and living this journey the best I can.

What I Do.

I am a yoga professional. I help people connect with themselves and others through the practice of yoga. In a past life I worked like a maniac pushing business and real estate opportunities, and although I still dabble in those fields, this simpler way of life has led me to more happiness than I ever could have achieved in the prior chaos.

Where I Live.

I live in New York City, Metro Area.

Why I Beard.

It’s funny because at one time I thought beards were odd, never even tried to grow one. On the path to growing my first beard I began to realize the draw. Aside from the health, time and money saving benefits, it added a new layer of style and feel. It was an untapped potential of manliness that I had allowed to lay dormant in my arsenal. Shame on me…


Connect with Jeffrey on Instagram: @jeffposner

Photography by @traytablesup

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