Focus On Experiences Over Things

Every single one of us is guilty of buying useless stuff. It’s part of being a human in 2015 and we each do it more often than we would care to admit. However, just because you’re used to buying stuff en mass doesn’t mean you need to continue on in this fashion. Instead, it might be time to start focusing on experiences instead of physical things.

According to Urban Beardsman founder Eric Bandholz, there’s nothing that we can take with us when we die, so all you really have in life are your memories. This is where you should focus on using your money: to fill your mind with as many rich experiences as possible. Sometimes, frankly, you just don’t need to buy shit.

We all go through similar motions when it comes to buying things we think we really want. There’s the anticipation, then the actual purchase, and then slowly, as the item just becomes part of your routine or repertoire, it’s no longer exciting. It goes down in value for you personally over time, but the items that personally appreciate over time are usually tied in with experiences, i.e. trips, vacations, or specific memories that you associate with specific people.

Beard on everyone.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder