How Co-Washing Your Beard is a Must

Alright, so many guys know that you don’t need to wash your beard every single day. In fact, we recommend that you wash your beard about two times per week. So a very common question we get is what should I do on the days that I’m not washing your beard.

So the first thing that I want to clear up is just because you aren’t using a beard wash on your beard, doesn’t mean you don’t rinse or clean your beard. On days I’m not using beard wash, I’ll get my beard all up into the shower and rinse it thoroughly.

Here’s the thing though - I’m an office dude so my beard isn’t getting messy and dirty on a daily basis. It might be a good idea to wash & soften daily for guys who are working outdoors, who exercise vigorously daily, or are generally really messy eaters. If you are one of those guys, then always be sure to use a product specifically designed for your face & beard and follow up with a beard softener.

Now, onto the topic of hand - co-washing. Co-Washing stands for “conditioner washing” and is a great solution for curly hair or hair that tends to dry out. See, conditioners (aka softeners) have a small amount of detergents in the formulation and will help clean the beard, but won’t leave it as dry as you’ll have it when using a beard wash.

If you co-wash regularly, you’ll want to avoid the use of products that have any type of silicones in the ingredients. This is because silicones generally aren’t water soluble and won’t rinse out. So what happens is you begin to get buildup on your hair and this can lead to your hair looking dull, flakey, and damaged. The Beardbrand Beard Softener is silicone, paraben, and sulfate free so it’s the perfect product for co-washing.

With everything we talk about, there is no one perfect routine or solution for every guy. You need to play around and test what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Is The Co-Washing Method Right For You?




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Eric Bandholz, Founder