How To Grow A Fuller Beard In Thirty Days

The ability to grow a full beard is something that most men, both beardsmen and those who shave regularly, covet. Whether they actually act on this desire is a whole other story, but regardless, most men want to know that they could grow a thick and dense beard if they so desired. In reality though, beards are almost never perfect and although we all wish our beards were perfectly distributed and fertile enough where you can’t see the facial skin below, these desires are simply not the reality for most beardsmen. That being said, there are some ways to help produce a fuller beard and we can say under good authority that this can be achieved in as little as thirty days time.

Let us be clear, this is not some kind of, “BREAKING NEWS: AREA WEBSITE LEARNS SECRET TO GROWING A THICKER BEARD IN JUST ONE MONTH.” Instead, let these be some tips and suggestions for establishing long term results that can be tracked on a month-to-month basis. There will be no eye of newt consumed or any kind of ritual sacrifice required. What these steps will do is assist you in grooming a fuller and healthier beard, along with a more confident you.

Step 1 – Stop Looking In The Mirror So Much

As with all issues we each find with our beards, the more you stare at it, the more flaws come to light and the more you judge your lack of bearded perfection, something that is really out of your control. By constantly judging your own beard, you’re only bringing yourself down and as your harshest critic, that can take a much larger toll than most might admit to. Try to remember that no one else who observes your beard is picking you apart like you do and the issues you see in your own beard will be greatly diminished if you can learn to not make hourly notes on your beard growth by constantly looking at its reflection. Moral of the story, the less often you look at your beard, the less you’ll be critical of it, and the more progress you’ll see when you do take a peek.

Step 2 – Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face

Minus morning grooming and the occasional long stare into the sea’s horizon while contemplating deep thoughts, a beardsman should keep his hands away from his beard at all costs. Yes, it can be fun to play with. However, hell hath no fury to one’s beard like a wandering hand. The more time you spend fiddling with your beard, the more destruction that occurs. Picking at scabs or acne, plucking occasional beard hairs, all of it leads to less healthy facial skin and non-natural beard patchiness. We know it’s impossible to keep your hands off your beard at all times, but if you can reduce the amount you do it over the course of a month, you’ll definitely see improved results in no time.

Step 3 – Keep It Clean

Repeat after us: a clean beard is a fuller beard. Much like your head hair, when you keep your beard clean it will appear much fuller than if you let it become too oily or completely dried out. Striking the right balance is important and our suggestion is to invest in some good beard wash to help keep your beard clean without completing torching it. As we’ve talked about before, establishing the right beard grooming routine is key to ensuring your beard stays full and healthy and if you can get into a routine for the entire month, you’ll definitely be able to see the results after a short amount of time.

Step 4 – Keep It Moist

Much like our suggestion to keep your beard clean, making sure both your facial hair and skin are well lubricated and moisturized will help ensure a fuller looking beard over time. By using beard softener and beard oil as part of your larger grooming regimen, your skin and facial hair will avoid the irritating dryness that creates beard dandruff and the build-up the clogs pores and reduces facial hair production. Aesthetically too, using beard oil and softener can help make your beard simply look fuller because of their abilities to help evenly distribute the denser parts of your facial hair throughout your beard.

Step 5 – Embrace Your Inner Man

Lastly, one of the best ways to produce a fuller beard is to boost your testosterone levels. The easiest means to this is by finding ways to incorporate more healthy protein into your diet and engage in more physically laborious activities. We all have busy schedules between work and daily errands and friends and family and everything else, however, if you can organize your time to the point where you can add in some testosterone-boosting activities from time to time, you’re sure to see results when it comes to the fullness of your beard. Maybe try chopping some wood or learning to butcher cuts of meat or maybe go to the gym with that super ripped for no reason guy you work with or use it as an excuse to have sex with your partner way more often than you do at the moment. Whatever it is, if you can boost your testosterone, you’re going to boost your beard. Simple as that.


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