Incorporating Your Beard into Your Personal Brand

Successful men live life with purpose and intention. Their intentional actions contribute to create a personal brand. A man’s personal brand is the way everyone perceives him to be. Everything affects his brand, from the style of clothes he wears to the way he treats his grandmother. Beardsmen face unique obstacles when others encounter their personal brands. Growing or having a beard is often seen as a lazy, unintentional decision. With that in mind, here are four positive ways to incorporate your beard into your personal brand.

1. Dress Up More

I know growing your beard was intentional – you know growing your beard was intentional. I know you spend your hard-earned dollars on beard care products – you know you spend your hard- earned dollars on beard care products. But here’s the fact: many people around you don’t realize this.

As often is true with any kind of marketing advice, you need to clearly and simply explain your message over and over until your audience understands. The simplest way to do this is to dress sharper. For any and all occasions, take a couple extra minutes and match some clothes together that will turn heads. The intentionality of your clothes looking well put together will not be missed. If your clothes are classy, the impression will be that your beard is classy as well.


2. Be More Professional

This point goes along with number one and almost has a, “With more power comes more responsibility” type vibe to it. If there is a chance that others will misinterpret your beard as a lazy, unintentional decision, you must go above and beyond to prove them wrong. Often times, the biggest barrier to success dwells inside our own head. It influences the way we look at opportunity, and can lead to missing opportunities that are not presenting themselves to us. Go about your professional life and take care of business as if others already knew you were the “get it done” type.

Insecurity about your beard is the fastest way for others to jump on it and begin criticizing your decision to be a beardsman. Don’t let anyone discredit your beard! Just like the impression left on others from dressing better, the impression you’ll leave with your “get it done” attitude will start to transfer into other areas of your life. Most importantly, the impression left by your beard.


3. Have Creative and Active Relationships

If you’re able to dress well, be professional, and have an awesome beard, chances are you already have a pretty kick-ass personal bearded brand. Now, it’s time to diversify. If you’re into woodworking, graphic design, snowboarding, or another hobby society might equate with a bearded dude, that’s awesome! Keep it up! But I’m even talking beyond that. I’m talking about expanding your realm to finally learn how to fix the sliding back door that’s bothering your wife. I’m talking about having the courage to start your own company.

Your beard quickly creates interest with people because it’s different and humans are quick to judge. Next, people look at your clothes and the way you carry yourself. After all those tests are passed, they look at the way you treat others. Being creative and active in the way you approach your relationships with others is the final piece of your personal brand.


4. Now Inspire Someone Else (Bonus)

Here’s the really neat thing. After you have a killer personal brand, people are going to follow you. They are literally going to flock to you because you’re authentic. The world is filled with too many boring people getting through life instead of living life. Landing on the pages of Urban Beardsman Magazine and stimulating your brain with something creative today puts you ahead of the “average Joe.” Go out and share that feeling with someone else today. Living on purpose – like you did when you decided to grow a beard is going to cause you to radiate with intentionality that others can’t miss. Don’t be afraid to shine that light!

“Be too complex to categorize.”

– Alfred Lee Loomis

About the Author:

In addition to being an urban beardsman, Brian Harrington is a freelance marketing expert and lifestyle blogger. He has an affinity for business, politics, and the internet. Find more of his thoughts on Twitter at @brainharrington or on his website at



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