Is Joining (or Even Starting) a Beard Club For You?

As beards become increasingly popular around the country, it should be no surprise that groups of beardsmen are gathering to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. Also, these gatherings usually include beer.

Beard and facial hair clubs are sprouting up in cities across the United States, but deciding if you should join one or start your own chapter can be intimidating without the facts. Luckily for us, Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz has some great tips for making the jump from lone beardsman to facial hair club member or founder.

Beard clubs are made up of open-minded beardsmen and beard-centric gals that enjoy hanging out with like-minded people, while usually raising money for a charitable cause–all this while enjoying a fine beverage or two. Although sizes range from a handful of members to upwards of 30 or 40 people, beard clubs are always incredibly welcoming to new members and, especially for recent transplants to new cities, they’re a great place to learn about your new home and make new friends.

If you decide to start your own on the other hand, the process is as simple as deciding on a location and getting your bearded friends together in one place. Once you’ve established a standard meeting time and location, use social media to spread the word and start the conversation with local beardsman in your city.

For any other questions regarding beard clubs, tweet  the man himself at @bandholz.

Beard on everyone.


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