The Best Men’s Peacoats for 2021

You can’t sink the peacoat.

Regardless of your style, this classic men’s overcoat is firmly anchored as a wardrobe staple. The peacoat is timeless, cool, and built to last.

Sure, maybe peacoats reached their height of popularity in the early aughts, but like the north star, you can always count on the peacoat to help you navigate the murky and ever-changing tides of men’s style.

Okay, maybe we’re going a little overboard on the nautical referen… damn, did it again.

In all seriousness, the peacoat is one of only a few wardrobe items that you can dish out good money on with the confidence of knowing that you’ll still be able to call on it decades later.

And even if you’re the type of guy who changes their style frequently—and we encourage you to always be evolving—the peacoat is as dependable as a black suit, wingtips, or a damn good pair of boots. In other words, the peacoat will always be a good choice.

If you don’t own a peacoat, it’s a great time to add one to your wardrobe. And, as esquire points out, it may even be the best time to get one since they’re no longer the de facto men’s outerwear choice anymore—meaning, you can rock one without looking like every dude in your city.

We scoured the internet for the best peacoats you can buy right now, from some of the most iconic outerwear brands to fashion-forward newcomers.

There are tons of options out there, but these are the coats that really stood out to us. We think these are the best men's peacoats for 2021 and beyond. Rankings aside, each of these coats is a great option. There isn't a wrong choice on this list, so give each one a close look.

Note: Beardbrand is not affiliated with any of the brands listed below, and we don’t receive any commission from them. We love helping men look and feel their best, and we love brands that make high-quality gear, clothing, and accessories that can help you elevate your style.


Peacoat Colors Available Price
1. The Todd Snyder + Private White Manchester Wool Cashmere Pea Coat Navy, Charcoal $998
2. Billy Reid Bond Peacoat Navy, Black $695
3. Belstaff Naval Peacoat Navy $850
4. The Private White V.C. The Peacoat Navy, Black $755
5. Schott Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat Navy, New Navy, Black, Oxford Grey, Dark Oxford $310
6. Gloverall Churchill Peacoat Navy, Black, Loden, Grey $574
7. J. Crew Dock Peacoat Navy, Antique Pewter $298
8. Men’s L.L. Bean Wool Peacoat Dark Navy $279



Since 2011, Todd Snyder’s NYC-based brand has been making its mark on the fashion world with a collection of elegant staples and statement pieces. Synder’s collaboration with British outerwear mainstay Private White V.C. results in an absolutely gorgeous peacoat.

The Todd Snyder + Private White Manchester Wool Cashmere Pea Coat features exquisite attention to detail and a more modern cut. The outer fabric is 90% Melton wool and 10% cashmere for a softer feel and sleek look.

What we love the most are the front flap pockets and oversized lapel on this peacoat. For a “wardrobe staple,” it comes awfully close to being a statement piece. This is one bold, badass coat.

At $998, there are certainly more wallet-friendly options available, but this is easily one of the most eye-catching peacoats we’ve come across. And as we mentioned above, you can undoubtedly get decades worth of wear out of your peacoat, so why not splurge a bit?

We can't stop looking at this one.

Price: $998
Colors available: Navy, Charcoal


BILLY REID BOND PEACOAT on a white background

Yes, this is the peacoat that Daniel Craig wore as James Bond in 2012’s Skyfall. No, this coat is not named after 007. The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat gets its name from Billy Reid’s New York City store address—54 Bond St.

As Reid told GQ in a 2015 interview, Daniel Craig had purchased the Bond Peacoat a couple of years before filming Skyfall, and when it came time to film, he was adamant about wearing the coat.

If the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is good enough for James Bond, it’s certainly good enough for you too. And with a price tag under $700, it’s a fantastic value for a peacoat that very much looks and feels luxurious.

We love the genuine horn buttons and leather undercollar, and the slightly lighter wool makes it more wearable in the fall and early spring.

Price: $695
Colors available: Navy, Black


BELSTAFF NAVAL PEACOAT on a tan background

For nearly 100 years, Belstaff has been producing practical waterproof garments for men and women, with a heavy emphasis on motorcyclists.

Belstaff has been worn by everyone from pioneering aviatrixes like Amy Johnson, and Amelia Earhart to actors like Will Smith in I Am Legend. But, that’s not all—Beardbrand Founder Eric Bandholz keeps a few Belstaff jackets on rotation too.

Suffice it to say, the British company knows a thing or two about making high-quality gear designed to hold up to high speeds, high winds, and the test of time.

The Belstaff Naval Peacoat is no exception. This thing is heavy duty and built to handle whatever you throw at it. We love the burliness of this peacoat and that it also boasts a detachable throat latch.

Belstaff keeps it simple with one classic, dark navy color option. This peacoat is all about performance and rugged durability. We don’t think you could wear out this coat if you tried.

Price: $850
Colors: Dark Navy


PRIVATE WHITE V.C. THE PEACOAT on a white background

Yes, this is the same Private White that Todd Snyder collaborated with, and the Private White Peacoat offers a lot of what we love about the Todd Snyder version, in a slightly less luxurious offering (keyword slightly).

The Private White V.C. Peacoat is made with 30 oz Melton wool and boasts the same large lapels and striking detail as the Todd Snyder version. The most significant difference is the lack of front flap pockets and not being made with any cashmere.

Peacoats can sometimes be a little boxy, so we love that this coat has an adjustable back belt that allows you to create a more tailored silhouette. It’s a little detail, but one that we really dig.

The Private White V.C. Peacoat is a gem of a coat from a company that's been keeping sailors warm and dry for over a century.

Price: $755
Colors available: Navy, Black


Man standing in front of a barn wearing the SCHOTT NYC CLASSIC MELTON WOOL NAVY PEA COAT

Schott is responsible for some of the most iconic coats and jackets in American history. Since 1913, Schott has churned out Americana mainstays such as the first leather motorcycle jacket (later worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones and Bruce Springsteen on the cover of Born to Run), and the official Bomber Jackets and Pea Coats worn by the US Air Force and Navy during World War II.

When it comes to peacoats, the Schott Classic Melton Wool Navy Pea Coat perfectly walks the line between nostalgia, authenticity, and functionality—all at an incredible value.

Made with 32 oz Melton wool, this coat is built for the elements and will keep you comfortable in the harshest conditions and stormiest seas. Schott also gives us the most color options, as well as a few different cuts.

For a more lightweight and modern cut, Schott offers a Slim Fit Pea Coat that we like just as much.

Overall, if you’re looking for a handsome peacoat with a bit of American history built into it, you can’t go wrong with the Schott NYC Classic Melton Pea Coat.

Price: $310
Colors available: Navy, New Navy, Black, Oxford Grey, Dark Oxford


GLOVERALL CHURCHILL PEACOAT in Loden colour on a white background

What are adjectives that describe how you want to feel when wearing a peacoat? How about sophisticated, stately, and regal?

That’s what the British outerwear company, Gloverall brings to the table with their Churchill Peacoat. Crafted from 100% wool, the Churchill features sharp tailoring, embossed buttons, and a detachable throat latch, all while striking a really smart balance between design and affordability.

What we love about the Churchill Peacoat is that aside from standard colors like navy, black, and grey, it’s also available in Loden—which is a pea soup green color that is perfect for autumn. We don’t generally see this color option in men’s peacoats, so props to Gloverall for giving us some variety.

And yes, Gloverall touts similar historical clout as the brands mentioned above. They helped bring the Duffel coat to the global market and designed and made the coats worn by the 1980 British Olympic team.

Price: $574
Colors available: Navy, Black, Loden, Grey


Man wearing a grey J. Crew Dock Peacout

J. Crew made ivy-league prep school style cool for nearly a decade. And while the “J. Crew look” has faded in popularity since hitting critical mass several years ago, the brand still puts out some high-quality gear at reasonable prices.

For a solid peacoat under $300, we like the J. Crew Dock Peacoat. It’s a simple, updated take on 1930s peacoats. The lightweight wool/polyamide blend makes it wearable in the fall and spring but doesn’t have the look of cheaper coats.

If you’re working on a tighter budget, this peacoat will serve you well for a long time.

Price: $298
Colors available: Navy, Antique Pewter (fancy word for grey)


LL Bean Wool Peacoat on a white backdrop

The most budget-friendly peacoat on our list is the Men’s L.L. Bean Wool Peacoat. Don’t sleep on this coat from the kings of backpacks, though. This is a no-frills peacoat, but it’s made with 100% Italian wool and will definitely keep you warm.

The cut on this peacoat leans a little into “dad style” territory. It doesn’t exactly scream cool like some of the others on this list, but it's a practical peacoat for people who make sensible financial decisions—and that’s pretty cool in our books.

Price: $279
Colors available: Dark Navy

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Keep on Growing.


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