How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs | Yeard Week 6

—Josh Lawson

Jack is back to give another update for his yeard. He's on week 6 now, and wants to share his knowledge of preventing ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are the worst, you can even see one on his face if you look closely. They always end up being in the worst possible places in your beard, and no one is free from their plague. No matter what age you are, these things are a nightmare. You may be asking yourself what an ingrown hair actually is, so let's clear that up for you. An ingrown hair occurs when the pores on your face clogged and the hair gets trapped under the skin. It kind of bubbles up and looks like a pimple. Really the only way to get rid of it is it pop it and pull the hair out of there.

We're not gonna get into that today though. Today is all about preventing them, so you never have to deal with them in the first place. We've got three things you can do to prevent ingrown hairs from happening in the first place.


This is really something you need to do. You need to be using a daily cleanser if your face is oily. Your pores can get clogged with sweat or whatever is on your face, then that leads to ingrown hairs. Jack usually gets it around his bottom lip, usually as a result from eating and forgetting to get rid of crumbs and stuff. To avoid this, using something like a daily cleanser like Cetaphil. You can also use Beard Wash to keep the hair nice and nourish the skin a little bit.


We've actually talked about this recently in other videos. Carlos talked about it in some of his videos as well when taking care of his skin. Exfoliating your face every few days is great for your skin, but it isn't any everyday thing as it will dry your skin out if you do it too frequently. It will open up your pores and let you get a really deep clean. Exfoliating isn't the same as cleaning. Using a cleanser as well an exfoliante will really get the deep clean you are looking for. This will really help prevent ingrown hairs.

Keep Your Razor Clean & Sharp

This actually has to deal with shaving. Not all of you will shave, and that's okay. For those of you who enjoy trimming up your neckline or your cheeks, this is critical. You're gonna wanna keep your blades sharp and clean. You can keep them clean by soaking them in alcohol before using them. No, we don't mean putting them in a glass of Guiness. Just grab some rubbing alcohol and drop your blades in there. That sterilizes it so you don't get ingrown hairs. Using your blades two to three times before swapping out for a new one.

Before ending, we want to show that Jack is only human. He's got his own problem areas, and tends to get ingrown hairs around the bottom of his lip. His beard isn't perfect, but he's still growing so we encourage you to do the same!

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