Should You Buy a House?

—Urban Beardsman

Buying a house is a big decision – should you do it? Today Eric and Clayton are helping you figure it out, and they’re talking real estate and home ownership.

A lot of people pump up the idea of buying a home, comparing mortgage payments to rent, however you have to also bear in mind that on average, once you buy a house you will be in that home paying a mortgage for 30 years, so it’s important to weigh out how that will work for you.

You also need to keep the market in mind – there are going to be fluctuations and your property can see ups and downs in value, but talking about an investment property verses a home are two totally different things. Raising a family in a home that is yours as opposed to purchasing a house to flip and make a profit from require two totally different mindsets and approaches.

Clayton and Eric also talk about the upkeep and maintenance that come along with owning a home – from fixing the water heater to mowing the lawn – and that it is worth considering renting long-term, since those types of maintenance situations are not your stresses and responsibilities. Clayton talks about the Tiny House Movement and the idea of minimalism.

If you’re debating buying a home, check out today’s episode to learn more and figure out if buying a house is for you!


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