Spring Color Trends To Try Out

Warmer weather is on its way (or here already for some of the country) so that means that sleeves are about to get shorter and pants are moving aside for another season of shorts. And an easy way to give your warm weather wardrobe an immediate refresh is to inject it with some of this seasons new favorite colors. Sure you can never go wrong with classic white and navy but here are some colors you might not expect to be adorning your favorite spring duds.

Muted + Nostalgic


Like everyone’s favorite Instagram filters, fade, subdued color palettes are all over this spring. Collections in all price ranges are featuring soft colors that are right out of all those old photos of our dads washing the car on the driveway. Soft oranges and muted pinks are everywhere and are perfect for the warm weather about to hit. They have an almost sun-faded quality that begs to be worn when the sun is actually shining. And everyone’s favorite sun-faded blue, or the fresher teal, is always an easy color to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Saturated + Color Soaked


Bright colors have always been around for spring, but this year there’s a ton of oversaturated colors out there and there’s literally a color for everyone. Whether you go with the bright marigold (or these) that seems to be around every corner or choose to jump on the red (band) wagon trend, there’s a color for every skin tone, hair color and beard color. My personal favorite is the deep emerald green (or these) that is popping up. It’s a surprising color for spring but it’s great because almost everyone looks good in it.

Deep + Dark


One of the most surprising color trends of Spring 2016 is the burst of deep, dark colors that have emerged as male must haves. Deep indigos, particularly in prints, are a great addition to any man’s spring wardrobe. Looking for a little more excitement? Try the dark, saturated ocean color that’s sure to transition you right into fall at the end of the warmer seasons.


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