Three Tips for Buying Shades

Eric is here to talk about the best tips you should know for buying an awesome pair of shades.

1. It’s all about the frame. You’ve got to gauge your face shape and what style is going to work best for you. Avoid buying frames that are too small, be sure to make sure the bridge doesn’t leave a gap between it and your nose, and pay attention to the color of the frame.

2. Quality. Dick Moby, for example, uses a cellulose acetate frame – environmentally friendly and high quality. Injected mold is another material often used for sunglass frames. An easy way to tell the difference is at the hinge between the temple and the frame – if the edge is jagged, it’s cellulose acetate that has been cut to fit. If it’s a perfectly smooth fit, it’s an injected mold. Eric also explains that wired frames allow for resizing of the edges to help fit your head better, and think about the lenses – are they scratch-resistant, and are they polarized or non-polarized?

3. The story of the brand. Eric suggests considering the brand, as he prefers small independent brands that are trying to do something different and have a unique story to tell.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder