The #1 Tip for Using Clippers on Your Beard | ScubaTube

—Emily Wylie

Scuba is here doing a guest video for Beardbrand to show us how to get he sides short and the bottom long. It looks nice and neat and awesome. Maybe you don't realize it but it's pretty easy and pretty amazing what just trimming the bushy sides burns can do for your overall appearance. 

The #1 Tip from Scuba is...actually 3 tips.

1. Get your beard wash and wash it first.  This way, you get a very accurate picture of what your beard is actually like and then you are cutting your hair, not your hair with a bunch of oils and styling product in it. Cutting your beard with product in it might create an undesired effect. 

2. If you have a serious beard, a thick beard, like Scuba, use hair clippers, not beard trimmers. It just does more.

The Method

3. Find a guard that is the length of your sideburns. Flip your hat backwards, take the trimmers and go straight down with them working the clippers down with the hair. Scuba is using a 1.5 with the blade full extended. When you put it in the beard you should be able to hear it a little bit. If you need to, pull the blade in a little so you just start to hear the hair cutting. Continue with straight downward strokes with the hair taking off just a little bit at a time. Be sure to take periodic breaks to comb out the hair and check your progress. The result in a nice elongated trim without taking off much length.  

To check out the comb Scuba is using click here.  

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