The Best Beard Trim When You Have a Buzzcut

—Josh Lawson

Darren is in Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his beard trimmed up and his hair cut by Josh. Today he wants a 2 on top, and a 1 around the side. Josh starts with the one and takes it to about the temple all the way around the head. With shorter haircuts like this, when they want a shorter guard, he tends to go a little higher than the occipital bone instead of giving it the dip since it'll look strange with not much hair on top. They do a 0 along the bottom of the neck to clean up the edges and flicks out to taper it to the skin. Josh cuts at an angle as to avoid too many lines from forming in the haircut.

For the top, he changes to a 2 guard, firmly grasps the clippers and takes it over the top. He goes in straight at first, then changes to an angle to make sure he got all the little hairs. There is still a bit of a line, so they go over it with a 1.5 at an angle. Josh then finishes it off and softens that line by using a scissor over comb. Detailers are used right around the fringe to accentuate the cut.

For the beard, Darren just wants to reestablish the shape and round it off. He's done growing, so it's all about maintaining it now. After fluffing it out with a comb, they bring the sides in using a trimmer over comb. They use the comb as a guide to where the shape be. Josh uses the detailers to get rid of flyaways and scraggly bits, then lines up his cheek lines. For the last bit of the beard, Josh blends the sideburns with a 1.

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