The Perfect Gift Ideas for Men With Beards

Eric is back from a little hiatus to give you the best gift ideas for men with beards. What do you get a guy that has everything? Well if the dude is rocking a beard, what else is there to have. We're gonna break up these gift ideas into three different categories. Everyone out there is different and has different needs. There are a few general ideas that connect all beardsmen; that drive for freedom, always wanting to improve yourself and being unique. What bearded guys are probably not as interested in is accumulating or buying different things, they don't like consuming stuff. You want to have a little strategy when picking out your gifts.

Gift #1: Consumables

With a beardsman, you're gonna want to start off with beard care products. Beardbrand has got everything you could ever want! We've got stuff to care for beard, clean your beard, style your beard, and a bunch more cool stuff.

You can find all sorts of stocking stuffers like Beard Oil or Mustache Wax. All the way up to a beautiful kit that contains all the items you would ever need to take care of your beard.

Other great ideas for consumables are gonna be Four Vices related. That's gonna be your beer, tobacco, coffee, and weed. Think about those areas when considering gifts. For coffee get them a nice bag of coffee beans and a grinder (or already ground, that's cool too), or even a subscription to a coffee subscription service. When it comes to booze, sometimes a nice bottle of wine or a classy bottle of whiskey is all you need.

Gift #2: Upgrades

Find elements that are involved in your person's life, and upgrade them. If they wear a Casio watch, maybe you can upgrade it to a Timex or a higher version of Casio. You can also upgrade something they use everyday, like underwear or socks. Think of other staples they use in their life that you want to elevate to a new level for them. You can look at jeans or even a jacket. Find whatever element is really important to them, and get the next level up. There is one thing you might not have thought of that would be an awesome upgrade, a bidet. If you're a bearded guy, you're probably pretty hairy everywhere else as well. To make getting clean down there, a bidet can really make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Gift #3: Experiences

If you're not quite on board with the last two categories, this one might be the best option. These aren't things that will accumulate in a person's life, but rather something they will enjoy. One of the experiences we've wanted to try, but haven't had the chance to yet is a Sensory Deprivation Tank. It allows you to float in a pool of water, in a completely dark room, or tank, which removes the ability to most, if not all, your sense. This really helps you relax and reset your mind. Some people hallucinate, some have clarity, and some just go to sleep.

Another option you could explore is a pedicure. Sometimes guys can have some pretty gnarly feet and aren't confident enough to buy a pedicure for themselves. But if they receive it as a gift from someone that cares about them, odds are they're more likely to go to it. The same thing goes for massages, skin care, or anything can reset the body or mind. It's those experiences that increase in value over time. Think about that when you're planning a gift to give your bearded friend, brother, dad, or significant other.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder