The Perfect Haircut for Thick Curly Hair

Thomas is at Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his hair cut by Josh. He wants a low skin fade on the sides, thin the top out as much as possible, and be able to quiff it to the side. Josh dampens the hair to it becomes easy to move around and cut. He combs it into the style Thomas wanted and starts to develop a side part. Josh starts the cut with a clipper over comb with a 2 guard to clear out a lot of the weight since it's been a while since his last haircut.

Then he moves on to a 1 and creates a line that's on par with the ear, and dips much lower around the occipital bone. Now that he has the shape, they change to a 1.5 and since his hair is pretty thin they can get away with skipping a guard. Josh uses detailers to clean up around the ear and the back of the neck before continuing.

All he has left to do now is use a scissor over comb to take out the weight along the side. They want to keep some of the curls on top, so Josh combs it to the side, squares it off, and just takes off a bit of then ends. For the final touch, he goes through the side of the head at an angle with a comb and thinning scissors. Josh adds some Tree Ranger Styling Balm and he's all set to go!




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