The Textured Crop: A Simple Cut with a Lot of Power

Gentleman & Rogues just got Taylor in the chair to get his hair cut by Darren. He wants a 1 all the way around, with no taper, blended, and tons of texture on top. There's not gonna be a skin fade today, so Darren is going with a closed 1 guard. He flicks out, as usual, to feather the transition of hair lengths. He also takes some of the weight out above the line, to make the blend easier later on. The shape of the hair will remain the same, so it's mainly the hair on the sides that will change.

Next Darren uses a scissor over comb to blend the area on the sides and take out the line. The thing with a low blend is that there isn't much room to make it work. It's all about using the angles you have to make the hair blend from a 1 to a full head of hair. When the cut is dry you can really see the true shape of hair and how it will fall. Whereas with wet hair, it's easier to cut but you may miss a few spots or it'll look different when it dries. You go through a few more scissors cutting dry hair, but it's worth it.

Now, he takes the hair from the side and the top and connects the two shortest points. This connects the side and the top without takes too much away from their section. He holds the fringe at an angle and cuts in the same direction the hair will fall naturally. Then he cut a little bit of the edges off to get rid of any split ends Taylor may have.

He uses a hair dryer and uses a technique called wrap drying. It's where you use a round brush while you dry the hair, it's just like what it sounds like. Then, to add some texture to the top, he takes a few sections of hair and twists them around and cuts through the twist with thinning shears. He uses the same sheers near the fringe of the hair as well to give texture too.

Darren ends with the Wahl taper to clean up the hair lines around the neck, and uses Styling Balm to finish of the look. Trimmed, Styled, Done.




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