Timmy Malloy

—Urban Beardsman
Timmy Malloy

Recently I got the chance to chat with San Francisco’s very own urban beardsman and badass chef, Timmy Malloy. From beard oil to immersion circulators, I guess you could say we covered the important stuff. Here’s what Timmy had to say about his bearded lifestyle.

Ana Quiring: Why did you decide to grow a beard? How long have you had it?

Timmy Malloy: I’ve had some sort of facial hair for the past 7 or 8 years. Ive been growing this beard for about 10 months. But to be honest i was just lazy this time around. I didn't set out to grow such a beard i just didn’t feel like shaving or trimming.

At some point it really started to become a part of my personality. It made me more confident in myself, not really sure why. And that’s the point I realized it was something all of its own. I started going and getting it trimmed and using oils and such. It’s funny, it all started from me being lazy, but now I put more time into it than it would have taken to shave or trim.

AQ: Beardbrand is based in the Pacific Northwest. What’s the bearded world like in San Francisco?

TM: San Francisco is a very unique town. Style is a huge part the the culture. Beards are embraced fully.

AQ: You’re a chef in a great restaurant, from the look of your blog. How does having a beard fit in with your job?

TM: A beard like this is a bit hard to have in your traditional kitchen. But lucky for me and my beard my restaurant has made a name for itself for not having that typical kind of kitchen. We have no hood system, so there’s no gas or fire. We cook on induction cook tops, out of a electric convention oven, and with an immersion circulator. So having a beard is pretty easy for me. And I like the kinda rough outlaw look for a chef.
AQ: What does the urban beardsman lifestyle mean to you?

TM: I think to me it’s just about looking good. Not to sound shallow or anything, but there’s definitely a look I have and the beard is a big part of that.

AQ: What piece of advice would you offer to potential beardsmen?

TM: If you wanna grow a beard then do it! Don’t think about it—just do it. I believe that at one point in a man’s life, he should rock a wicked beard. It’s a timely look and if you can pull it off, then Beard On.

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