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Tips for Mastering Flirting

Got a gorgeous senorita in your sights? Want to muster up the cajones to talk to that cute girl you’ve spotted across the room? Time to take notes, you suave Don Juan – today Clayton and Eric and going over four tips to master flirting.

1. Peacock

Trim the beard, manscape your downstairs garden, clean your house, put the toilet seat down you heathen. From your personal style to your living space, keep it clean, boys, and show the ladies what you’re all about.

2. Be a leader

Find something you want to get involved with and take charge. When you put yourself out there and are at the helm of an endeavor – from a kickball team to Pokemon Go – it draws people in and makes you more interesting.

3. Confidence

There’s a fine line between cockiness and confidence – learn the difference and figure out how to be confident in who you are.

4. Honest

Just be yourself. Don’t dig yourself into a hole by lying or embellishing – just be straightforward, because in the end, you want to find someone who is going to love you for who you are. Not who you are pretending to be.





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