Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 in Chambray

—Urban Beardsman

A chambray shirt is something that every man needs to have hanging in their closet. Better yet it shouldn’t be hanging in your closet. There should merely be a hanger where the shirt once hung because you should be wearing it. A chambray shirt is an extremely effective way of dressing stylishly. And while the average chambray shirt is an iconic piece of clothing all on its own, the Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 in chambray adds in a few extra stylish features that take it to a whole new level.


Chambray is a unique fabric that usually has a linen type texture with a slightly mottled appearance which gives it its character. A good chambray shirt should look like you’ve worn it a hundred times but holds up against actually wearing it a hundred times. The Urban Beardsman shirt incorporates all the usual characteristics of a great chambray shirt plus it includes a pop of color in the embroidered crossed lines on the pocket giving it a modern edge. Its deep navy color and crisp sheen soften over time to a perfectly worn in blue that goes with absolutely everything.


I think chambray shirts are the perfect shirt to wear for a night out. They have a slightly elevated quality since they are unique and stand out among all the other boring button ups. Whether you’ve got a date at a local bar or are headed to a concert a dark chambray shirt is the perfect piece to keep you looking good without looking like you tried too hard. Trust me when I tell you that you can never have too many chambray shirts and this one is definitely worth adding to your collection.

The Urban Beardsman Shirt #1 Collection comes in three different patterns. Cut to order, the shirts will ship out in December. You only have until October 15th to pre-order, so reserve yours here.