Victorio Piva

Victorio Piva wears a lot of hats. The beardsman has tended bar, earned a degree in psychology, and has recently been pursuing his interest in early childhood education. But there is one thing he is especially proud of.

“On a daily basis I feel lucky to say I mold the minds of my two kids,” he says.

“But [beyond that] my passion lies in my current pastime – modeling, endorsing rad products, supporting local businesses and social influencing for some of my favorite companies.”

One such company is Beardbrand. Piva has joined the ranks of Team Beardbrand and as an ambassador of the company, he says he is proud to be part of the crew.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by such a progressive company,” he says.

“I really like the caliber of the products along with the beards this company is aligning itself with, and I’m proud to be part of this growing empire.”

The beard that led him to this point is majestic and well-groomed, but Piva says he has changed his beard style from time to time in an attempt to find the perfect look.

“I’ve been growing this beard for over two years, I’ve trimmed and maintained it at its current length,” Piva says.

“I prefer a well-groomed beard that is full. I currently have mixed feelings about letting it grow longer or trim it down some for a more dapper style. I’ve grown a winter beard for years and always regret shaving it. At the start of this beard I told myself this was the beard, I wasn’t shaving this one off! Once I made that commitment it was a matter of finding a good barber and quality product to keep it healthy and looking good.”

Victorio Piva

And how does Piva keep his mane looking its best?

“I follow the suggested 3-4 day in between routine for the [beard wash and softener], if I have been hard on my beard I use it sooner,” he says.

“I use the wash and then apply the softener, I don’t rinse until I have completed the rest of my shower. I then brush the softener in and work out any tangles that I may have in my beard. This makes brushing it out so much easier on a tangled beard.”

Piva is also a fan of Beardbrand’s beard oils.

“I use around 7-8 drops of oil and work it in to my beard from my cheek line down. I sort of massage it in to make sure I get all the way in to the root of the whiskers and down to the skin. I then rub any excess oil in to my neck and cheeks. One thing that I have found to work great for me with the mustache wax is heating it up with a blow dryer prior to use. After getting the desired amount on my finger, I rub between thumb and finger and apply it from the inside of my ‘stache out to the tips.”

And he has one tip for stubborn hairs that refuse to stay in place.

“There are always a few hairs that tend to be stubborn, so I use the wax directly from the tube and apply it to those areas, as you would to your lips with a tube of Chapstick.”

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Team Beardbrand

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